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  1. I'm sure it COULD be done but with a heck of a lot of work. You'd take the American structure of primaries and run that through all of the provinces but then you'd just have to convert into ridings after the convention. Essentially the American primaries are run very similar to the leadership races (on this game at least) You're looking to win delegates and a certain number of delegates are up for grabs in each region. It's the problem of converting that after the convention into the riding system that would be the challenge.
  2. The scenario is great. Not much to correct. Although I just ran (created my own candidate with left leaning Liberal policy) and it was fairly accurate. Harper got a minority but only by about 10 seats, Libs were just behind but the NDP gobbled up more than 60 seats (high, but likely because the Libs and NDP split the left vote) Greens got two seats and Inds two seats as well. There doesn't appear to be any weird ridings. I'm really glad about the changes you made in breaking up Ontario and Quebec into the sections that you did. I haven't tried running as any of the official Liberal leade
  3. darrendrmcewen@yahoo.com Could I have a test sneak peek? Thanks a bunch. I'd put Rae in his home riding and put Kennedy over in Bill Graham's riding (I think the last election was his last). Trudeau is a nearly sure bet. I agree with the newspapers. Only the political junkies I think go by what the editorial coloumns say and they only care because they think the regular Joe Voter decides based on who the editors endorse. I think in Canada you'll see newspaper endorsements a thing of the past by the next decade.
  4. Environment, Afghanistan, Quebec and Health Care (though not a key issue right now it's always been at the top of Canadian's minds) will be the top issues.
  5. I would greatly appreciate it. Looking forward to it, hopefully!
  6. When I create a new player for the Pres + Prim I copy another candidates profile except I change the name, a few positions on issues and the homestate. However the formatting is the same as the other candidate and I don't change the "how well known factor" BUT I always, no matter what, start the primaries with 0% with 0 seats. I even copied Hillary Clinton and just changed her name, homestate and changed a couple of her positions slightly yet I started at 0%. What I find happens is that I gain an unrealistic amount of mo' just before Iowa and I never lose any delegate after every turn. Wha
  7. yah you're right. I guess I was thinking a leadership race would but I didn't think about the general election. Hmmm more challenging than I thought. I can't wait for the Liberal Leadership scenario for the PM game! Let me know when you have it completed or any further details. I'll need something to play on my laptop on the commute to Montreal for the convention.
  8. Hey, I know there are Canadians who use the newest game. I was just wondering if anyone is working on doing the Liberal race tied with a 2007 or 2008 federal election? I'm not an expert on overhauling the scenarios but it'd be neat to have a model for a Canadian scenario and then we could start working on previous or future scenarios with primaries errrr leadership races from there.
  9. can you send to darrendrmcewen@yahoo.com http://www.apply-liberally.com
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