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  1. FrenchFisher


    Ah, but it is so fun to see Wyoming turn Blue Or Nader win a state.
  2. Bumped up my thread about other EV awarding methods for ya
  3. I've already tried Minnesota... trust me counties are too hard (too many counties in too little of a space!). However, with 'big' counties such as Wyoming, counties work.
  4. It would be fun to do a mayoral election (or a presidential election with a focus on one town) in a small town, with houses for cities 'Kerry has won 291 Maple Street!' Vegeta: I think it's a good idea... he's just doing the issues for his own college.
  5. What's this? Hardright being unbiased? I MUST GET THIS SCENARIO!
  6. FrenchFisher


    I use it. It makes the game more fun! Everything's more effective... Dems winning Wyoming, Reps NY, anyone?
  7. I believe the answer to both of your questions is yes
  8. I think you can have primaries for any election.
  9. Hmm, I'm not sure. This should either i) Have 'triggers' (for instance, Five men arrested after break-in at DNC headquarters would be triggered at a certain time if Nixon is the Republican) ii) Be random
  10. Probably just spin. There is randomness, ya know. Besides, your survey for bias was unscientific, as you only tested your hypothesis once
  11. Remember the guy has got MS! And I just want to respond to this: He doesn't have a link? For godsake, he IS a terrorist! He's been mass-executing his own citizens for years. I pretty much see that as terrorism. Good point. He does sponsor terror... but he's not a terrorist in the current sense of the word: to propogate Muslim terror against the 'West' or 'West-aiders'. He just created terror against his own people. Anyway, there was no link between his government and Al-Qaida
  12. LOL, oh well, it's out there just in case anyone wants some info
  13. even if Saddam did have those wmd's, he would have had to have missiles with ranges of... 6,500 miles, which is 13x the range of their Al Abbas SCUD missile that they had... some... time... And he doesn't have terrorists... there was no link between his government and Al-Qaida.
  14. Note that it was mostly southern members who supported slavery before the Civil War Plus, the political climate back then was very different. I'm not saying they should have supported it, I'm just sayin'.
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