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  1. We should make a rule in this forum that says screenshots must be accompained by 1. Name of scenario 2. Options that are on/off 3. Any modifications to the scenario file
  2. Because next time I'll move to elections results page to the right by an inch and take a screenshot which includes the game window, which will clearly show the canidate the player is using . That should be soon, as I've been replaying the 1960 campaign with Nixon and managed to win all but 3 states. edit - a screenshot of the records page should also work.
  3. I wish we could get a multiplayer version released, I'd love to have some head to head campaigns.
  4. Using all default options (Economy, Fog of War, Spies on, Dynamism off) in the default 1960 campaign included with PF: With the same options in the 1988mm campaign, I got:
  5. Which scenario was this on?
  6. amdaily


    He is now center-Left as he does not support anmesty.
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