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  1. I have actually read Fear and Lothing and I have done a lot of research on the election.
  2. Also Abortion, Cities, Rural Issues, Arms Limitations, and Counter Culture. These should cover it. Thank you for jumping in on this, and let's keep it up! I have a lot of good print resources for candidates positions on the issues, so I can be very helpfull with that.
  3. My Campaigns forever has broken, but I want to help make 1972 a reality. I know a lot about the race, and I would love to help make this thing work. Please if anyone is interested post here! Let's do this thang!
  4. hcallega


    Does the Ireland-2006 scenario exist, and if so where can I find it/can someone email it to me? This would be highly appreciated.
  5. can you shoot me 1918 and any other Irish Scenarios my way? hcallega@yahoo.com
  6. While I don't agree with your premiss, I do like the idea of crafting this scenario. The party names are a little unoriginal. I think something like Democratic Party for the mainstream democrats (as you already have), the Constitutional Party (the radical dems), and the Whig Party (the moderates). As far as candidates, I don't agree with having so many generals. Also, you have so many high profile candidates running. Look more for governors and senators, rather than generals. Stevens would run as a constitutional party member, while Jeff Davis would be in the Democrats. Stevens and Davis did
  7. Here is my list of candidates that I think should be included (list taken from Wikipedia). I'm gonna list them in order of strength Democrats: Default On: Senator Ed Muskie (ME) Vice-President Hubert Humphrey (MN) Senator George McGovern (SD) Governor George Wallace (AL) Senator Scoop Jackson (WA) Senator Eugene McCarthy (MN) Representative Shirley Chisholm (NY) Governor Terry Sanford (NC) Mayor John Lindsay (NY) Mayor Sam Yorty (CA) Representative Wilbur Mills (AR) Senator Vance Hartke (IN) Senator Fred Harris (OK) Senator Harold Hughes (IA) Default Off: Senator Ted Kennedy
  8. You probably could, though it could be difficult. One thing I would want to avoid the campaign events that are 100%. They basically ensure that one candidate will win and one will lose. This happens in 1980, where Kennedy always looses to Carter. I think the events should be in the system, just not guaranteed, like the Canuck letter wouldn't necessarily happen.
  9. I started working on it but got way in over my head. I can help with candidate positions as i have what may be the most interesting political book ever: The 1978 Almanac of American Politics. This helps with one of the most difficult problems with making a historical scenario: candidate positions. The combination of key votes and interest group ratings should give us a good idea about Humphrey, Muskie, McGovern and any other senators i'm missing (maybe Ashbrooke too). So yeah, i would love to help.
  10. As far as Truman, I would have him as off by default, but being a strong candidate in the midwest and the farming states. I feel that the regional modifiers should essentially make him a stronger candidate than Stevenson, but still trailing Eisenhower.
  11. I wouldn't do Virginia. Too many small counties and cities. However the South is generally a good location for big federal vs. state difference.
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