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  1. I have the same issues and can also provide a save game right before it crashes if it would be useful.
  2. orsalak

    P4EP Bug

    Received a pointer overflow while trying to advance to next turn. (March 24 or so) Not sure how to reproduce but this is around the same game date when my last game went haywire as well. Received access violation trying to save game (this was after reloading the above game from March 10, advanced a week then tried to save on March 17)
  3. orsalak

    TV Events

    How do you appear on one of the shows (Letterman, etc.)? I couldn't find an option to do this but all of the other candidates are appears on shows so it doesn't appear random (or I've been unlucky). Thanks for the help.
  4. orsalak

    P4EP Bug

    Receive a list index out of bounds error if I start a game, save it, then load the game and try to switch between democrats and republicans on main screen. Started a new game played a round where I increased debate and issue fam. Viewed player and debate progress bar did not display. Saved game, loaded it and bar appeared. Hope this feedback helps. I'll report more issues as I find them.
  5. orsalak

    P4EP Bug

    Receiving "Access Violation at address 00521E73 in module 'p4e.exe. Read of address 0000000C." whenever I try to save my game. Was able to start a new game and save it but it looks like my old game is toast. If I advance turns in my old game I can usually play 2-3 turns before I receive an out of bounds error or similar. I bought the game last night and had no issues with the version I downloaded 1.00.3. I upgraded to 1.00.5 tonight and have had nothing but issues. I'll try again tomorrow and see how it goes.
  6. orsalak

    P4EP Bug

    Various bugs encountered with 1.00.5: 1) Received received List Index out of bounds (#) when switching between Republican and Democrats on main screen (I created a new game and I could not replicate this issue. The previous save game was created with 1.00.3. Is this suppose to be compatible with saves from previous patches?) 2) Research - <Pick a topic> - received List Index out of bounds (#) 3) Tried to load a game after receive above error and received the follow error (which kept reappearing everytime I selected ok, had to kill the process): error in Research::findBreakthroughBe
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