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  1. I think New Jersey is in there somewhere too. Thanks for the info on the delegates.
  2. I found a couple of bugs in the 2008 campaign. 1. In the democratic primary Michigan and Florida are each worth one delegate. That can't be right. 2. The newspapers in Virginia are messed up. There are names from West Virginia and Maryland in there.
  3. You are still missing some announced candidates... GOP Former Governor Jim Gilmore (R-Virginia) Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-California) Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-Colorado) Former Governor Tommy Thompson (R-Wisconsin) DEM US Senator Chris Dodd (D-Connecitcut) Former Alaska US Senator Mike Gravel (D-Virginia) Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) And of course Bloomberg. He was quoted as saying he will spend $1 BILLION to get elected!
  4. Can we expect an update for the candidates any time soon? Almost half of the candidates at the debates are not in the game!
  5. So all that has been changed is the name of the candidate editor? Why did it take two updates? Will any new candidates be added?
  6. cosmonewman


    The game has autoupdated twice in the last few days but I don't see any changes. What is going on?
  7. Okay, I am going to try this for a third time. Would you please post step-by-step directions? Thank you.
  8. It seems that the current version of the candidate editor is FUBAR. I think that is why we have not had any official response.
  9. Can we please get some detailed instructions on how to use this thing? I have used the candidate editors in the previous version of this game as well as the Canadian, UK, and Australian PM Forever with no trouble but I cannot get this version to work. PS-- I did download the new beta.
  10. I did all that and I still get errors. Could you unpack #3 for me, please?
  11. Winning the primary with Powell is easy. Just turn off Bush when you start the game...
  12. I have been trying to add a candidate but cannot find instructions on how to do so. I changed the percentage file but still get the floating point error. Can somebody please post a step-by-step, "For Dummies" guide to adding a candidate?
  13. I get an error for bmp size on start up. What should the size be?
  14. The problem is that Arnold was actively campaigning for one candidate and endorsed another IN THE PRIMARY!
  15. There are a couple of situations I mentioned in another thread with endorsers who are also crusaders not endorsing the person they are crusading for. One example that will still be there even after updating is Schwarzenegger. There are a couple of others like that. Maybe sitting govs should not be crusaders as a rule.
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