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  1. Thanks for considering the change. Someone said we're able to edit the issues. How do we do that? Again about immigration, it's not a universal issue. It's simply a emotional issue for a minority of the Republican base (and many Democrats too.) The fervor you mentioned was Bush rallying his base with talk of building walls and putting troops on the border. From my point of view, making immigration more important than every other issue is silly. Finally, whether there's amnesty or not won't change the relative importance of immigration. And Iraq will still be a major issue because at the ver
  2. I suggest immigration issues be de-emphasized in the 2008 election. I just can't imagine it will be that important and seriously doubt it could trump terrorism and the war in Iraq (or half a dozen others!) as it does in the current scenario. Also, I would like to suggest that the issues become more fluid. I have not seen an issue become more or less important during any of the games i've played. Finally, I would love to have the ability to add/edit issues. Thanks so much for good game!
  3. Remembering a saying about the Iowa Caucus, "There are three tickets out of Iowa." How about that is included in the game as lower power news story about the candidates with the second and third place showings? One story would be 5 Hillary wins Iowa and the second story would be 3 Warner and Edwards take second and third Also, how about news stories for comebacks like Kerry in '04 Oh hell, just make an entire game for the Iowa Caucus!
  4. (Have only played as a Dem on medium difficulty) PRIMARY Change your theme to something that matters, Iraq and War on Terra for example (along with leadership or experience). Then steadily move your organization to 3 before the Iowa Caucus. Win Iowa and New Hampshire. Then spin the news until all the states are blue in face (made possible because of your stronger organization). If you're playing Hilary, your opponents will run out of money before you do. With that in mind, spend all your money on first states up til super tuesday. You should be well on your way to gaining the nomination. In
  5. In my first full game 2004 scenario, all my democratic opponents gave up on Iowa and New Hampshire. It was their doom. And every single one of them should have trying to stop me. So my suggestion is adjust the Primary Campaign AI.
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