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  1. Do you mean that you did not win any states? If so, that's harsh...
  2. I haven't gotten around to reading that yet (I want to) and I agree that it would make a good scenario. Go for it!
  3. If you need help, take a look at my scenario 'Kerry vs. GOP - 2008'
  4. Made-up info for personal Party: Democrat Name: Mr. Gabriel Grant State: CT Age: 39 Abortion: CL Aff. Act.: CL Budget: C Bus. Tax: CL CFR: C Ecology: CL Edu: L Free Trade: CR Guns: CL SSMarriage: L Immigration: C Mil Funding: C Mil Intervention: CL Personal Tax: C Health Care: L Renew. Energy: CL Soc. Security: L Terrorism: CL Leadership: 4 Integrity: 4 Experience: 2 Issue Fam.: 4 Charisma: 5 Stamina: 3 Debating: 4 Picture: Any picture of Ryan Stiles is good for me...
  5. I am getting better and better. This is Return of Clinton.
  6. This is definitely my best electorally, but not in terms of score because the popular vote was so divided. I was Zapatero (red).
  7. This is my best campaign yet. I am Clinton, obviously.
  8. Which current or future scenario do you think is easiest as a democrat/republican? I was going to make this as a poll, but there are too many scenarios.
  9. I know this has been brought up many times, but how do you put a picture in a post?
  10. Umm... 2nd Avenue Subway, West Side Stadium, Mayoral Term Limits... just to name a few
  11. Progressives: Christine Whitman, Lincoln Chafee, Russ Feingold, Matt Gonzalez Republicans: Mark Sanford, Lindsey Graham, Condi Rice, Sam Brownback, Jeb Bush Democrats: Barack Obama, Tom Vilsack, Gavin Newsom, Mary Landrieu, Mark Warner, Rod Blagojevic
  12. Who holds the White House from 2008-2012 at this point? (aka, what is the incumbent party)
  13. Unrealistic, but would be a good option (like dynamism or fog of war...)
  14. I personally like HRC's scenarios... Also, just for Ultimate - 2008, Adam Sarnstrom (idk who that is). Johnny's scenarios arent too shabby, either. I also like my own scenarios...
  15. I just finished a few 2008s... My first one was with Kucinich in 2008 where I beat Moore.: http://picturevillage.com/photo/showpicful...55777&aid=20639 Then I was Clark in Ultimate 2008 (I used the ad "cheat; without it I lost ). I beat Frist quite handily: http://picturevillage.com/photo/showpicful...55769&aid=20639
  16. Actually, I am not sending out my scenario. So don't email me. Thanks.
  17. I have made a SD senate scenario and sent it in. If anybdy would like a copy, email me at gpanek123@lycos.com, or you can wait until it/they is posted. I have two... One where the state is divided into five parts with different electoral votes, and the other scenario is just one big state with one electoral vote.
  18. Thanks... ut I have a question about the scenario in general. Whenever I play Blue Moon (suposedly democrat-tilted) the Republicans are always up by 100 EVs, or so...
  19. Prob nobody did this, but it is possible that the people who got 538 played the election as the losing person, flipflopping him and space-barring the whole thing. I am in no way saying that the people who decimated their opponent did this, but just as a thought about how easy it is to get those #s.
  20. Actually, Ron Paul is a rep. from Texas
  21. I just went on a hot streak and won a couple of times. My best was with McKinley in 1896 when I won 299 EVs. My best modern was with Feingold in A New Direction when I beat DeLay with 306 EVs. Yay!
  22. How do you delete candidates that aren't in the game, but are in the folder?
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