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  1. I would add David Cicilline, too. He's currently the mayor of Providence, Rhode Island and might be (with any luck) the first openly gay politician elected Governor in the United States. Should that happen, I could see him maybe aspiring for higher office anyway, as he has good credentials as mayor of Providence and the like. He might not make it out of the primary, but he would have strong support from many Democrats.
  2. I would suggest that you make the third party an analogue of the Minnesota Independence Party. Pretty much socially libertarian and fiscally conservative in the Eisenhower sense of the word (spend on public works and the like, but pay for it and balance the budget by any means necessary). So I guess center-libertarian? As for the party name, how about something like The Liberty Party? Or Free Soil Party? Just historically similar party names. For the left-wing fourth party, I would suggest modeling it on the present day Green Party, but with a wider scope and more issues relating to the worki
  3. For the Democrats, I would add in Gavin Newsom, who I'm assuming will be the next Governor of California.
  4. This would probably work better if Gore became President upon Clinton being removed from office/resigning after the Monica Lewinski scandal.
  5. For the GOP, I'd probably add in George Pataki. More alternatives for the GOP and an alternative to the Southern Conservatives who've failed the party...Not to mention he's a centrist on social issues and is pro-choice.
  6. I love the possibility of 'what-if' scenarios, so I thought it'd be cool if we actually saw more of them. FM's Gore in '04 is probably one of the first and only ones I've seen so far for the 2008 edition of P4E+P, and, while I'm busy working on Rising Stars at the moment, I thought it would be interesting to throw some ideas out there, to see if anyone's interested. If nobody is, then I'm still poised to work on them a little bit later as well, once I finish up Rising Stars. I'm only talking scenarios post-1972 because of all the differences in the nomination system pre-McGovern and the tra
  7. Yeah. A three-way split between them would be good, with Clinton the favored, as she was this year, Lieberman in a close second, and Obama taking a lead in some swing primaries, including those he's done well in this year. Now if only the GOP had someone as good as Vinick...
  8. I was actually assuming Sebelius as Obama's anonymous Veep, which would be the reason Kansas would have leaned blue in the first place. Nevertheless, I think that we'll go ahead and keep both KS and NE in the Red column. Any suggestions as per new swing states, though?
  9. Looks awesome. I would have made Clinton Gore's Veep, though. You could have Lieberman to come back and challenge the current Veep, and a nobody (at this point) Obama come up through the ranks to challenge them both. It'd be like the West Wing, except Clinton is Russell, Lieberman is Hoynes, and Obama is Santos.
  10. I'd say Bill Clinton would probably be the lead off for the Democrats. Under 26 years of Reagan, I'd say the Democrats, as in real life, would have shifted to the Center in order to remain visible. I'd go with Democrats like Bill Clinton, Evan Bayh, Mark Warner, Bill Richardson, etc.
  11. How about a Deist group in with the anti-religious? You could include Jefferson, Madison, and the like.
  12. Taking into your concerns of the over-partisaness of my scenario (which it is, frankly, and should be a lot more realistic), I'm switching up some of the swing states to make them a lot more competitive for both parties, as par your suggestions. Louisiana and Arkansas will remain in the red category, as will the Dakotas, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho. Florida will also be solidly in this category. Missouri will remain purple, as well as New Hampshire, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio and Iowa (All relatively neutral as it comes). New swing states will include Kansas and Nebraska
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