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  1. So, I feel like Carter's overwhelming bounce sometime in November/December is mostly realistic in this scenario. However, there are a few things I don't think are realistic: For one, his large bounce includes him taking a substantial lead in Massachusetts. Not only did Ted Kennedy win Massachusetts in real life, but I can't imagine Massachusetts NOT voting for a Kennedy. For two, I feel like Ted Kennedy should a corresponding bounce for himself sometime in April/May. By that point, the rally-round-the-flag effect that the Iran Hostage Crisis had for Carter's support had dissipated, and now impatience was mounting both with his handling of the crisis as well as the poor economy and high unemployment rate. Ted Kennedy DID get such a bounce in real life, and that's how he managed to sweep the later primaries like New York, Pennsylvania, California and Connecticut. I feel like if Carter gets a massive boost--like he did in real life--early on, then Kennedy should get one later on...as he did in real life. After all, that's what sustained his campaign to the convention and made it so nasty. What do you all think?
  2. So what's with fundraising being turned off after the primaries?! This makes no sense. I was headed for a blowout with Obama, and after running some ads in MANY different states, was about to replenish my funds with the fundraising. But then, I find that I can't because it's turned off! So instead I go bankrupt in October and win 51%-48% over Mitt Romney. What's the deal with this? Why would you turn that feature off for post-primaries? That makes absolutely no sense and no election has ever had a general election campaign without fundraising.
  3. Dennis Kucinich was never there to begin with Also, what's the deal with no undecided voters? How is this compensated for? After all, primaries are famous for people not making up their minds until like the final week.
  4. So I tried editing this in Campaigns forever, and I get errors for all Democratic candidates saying: Parties >> Democratic >> Leaders >> [insert candidate here] >> vice leader >> Reference not found: viceleader dennis_kucinich And this for ALL Dem candidates. Any way to fix this?
  5. Dunno if you're sending out copies or the other guy is, but Woohoo5241@gmail.com just in case
  6. Dunno if you're still sending out copies or if that's been transferred to what's-his-face as well, but Woohoo5241@gmail.com just in case.
  7. So do I, actually. I felt a bit dirty even posting it. But I was honestly, genuinely concerned about the future of these games (which I love), and with Summer beginning, the general election campaign is about to kick off in earnest and excitement will be reaching an all-time high. It'd be ashame of 80soft/Theoryspark wasn't able to capitalize on this with the multiplayer feature, as it would be beneficial to them (more $$$) and beneficial to us (great new feature/game at a time when interest in politics is at a 40-year high).
  8. So, this forum has been absolutely DEAD for over a month now. There's a big question that hasn't gotten ANY thrift, and well, it deserves it. And that is: when is multiplayer P4E coming out? Would make a REALLY great summer release since most of us are off of school/college.
  9. Will there be any more updates for the 2008 scenario? The current poll numbers are badly outdated, even by mid-December's standards, and I find that updating the numbers to reflect the present scenario TODAY kinda throws things off balance. So will we get an official, well-balanced 80soft scenario update?
  10. Up until last night, I've dismissed people's complaining about Ron Paul. Anytime I'd played, it's true, he had surged higher than what seemed possible, but nothing that upset the flow of battle too much. But last night, I decided to play as Ron Paul on the Dec 1 start date update. I had the easiest primary battle I've ever had since getting P4E+Primaries about a year ago. I spent all my time in Iowa and New Hampshire, and come primary day, I was leading in NH and in second in Iowa.' I then had a 15-point surge in Iowa on election night, and went on to win New Hampshire. I saw that I was still around 3-5% in Nevada and Michigan, but in second in South Carolina, so I went down there. What happened next amazed me: I surged in both Nevada and Michigan, and won them both. On election night I surged 27 points in Nevada, 18 in Michigan, both for the win. And aside from one low powered ad in Nevada, I'd done NOTHING in EITHER state. After that, I went on to win SC and make a HUGE sweep in Super Tuesday, including massive landslide victories in states like Massachusetts that I'd spent no time or advertising in. Sure, the momentum gained from Iowa and NH I expected would put me in the lead in states I spent no time in--I expected that. But LANDSLIDE VICTORIES? I ended up with a crushing margin of victory, and all candidates sans Giuliani voluntarily withdrew. It was utterly amazing. My issue is this: something has to be done to make it tougher for Ron Paul to surge. It's simply not realistic any other way. I played Ron Paul because I thought I was in for an uphill challenge; instead, I got the easiest primary ride I've ever had. Now, the general election went more realistically; Sen. Hillary Clinton defeated the libertarian congressman 54.7% to 45.3%. But the primaries issue MUST be addressed. Also, I have yet to play a game (Dem or Rep) since the latest update (before Dec 1 start date, though it applies for that as well) where Dennis Kucinich does NOT win Iowa. He NEVER has gone on to win the nomination, and usually can only extend it to a NH victory (if that), but I found that odd/funny/noteworthy.
  11. Woohoo5241

    Fog of War

    How far off (inaccurate) can the polls be if Fog of War is turned on? I've only played with it on a few times, and I'm wondering just how wild the variance can be for that option.
  12. Thanks, I didn't have the tsas.exe file. What I did was re-install P4E, but this time in a different folder....and with this instance, the tsas.exe did indeed pop up! I copy & pasted it to my present folder and now everything works wonderfully! Thanks very much for your assistance!
  13. Actually, the FAQ doesn't address my issue specifically. http://80soft.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=9747 Is where I talk about it, and it's not addressed in any FAQ thread I've been able to locate. Furthermore, the exact message states "Error running activation server program." I have it installed on only one computer, and no flash drives. I have requested a new download link, and that did not work. I also deleted the license file and re-entered my keycode. That, too, did not work. I would really appreciate some help on this.
  14. I sent an email to the Contact address at TheorySpark on Nov 30 regarding activation issues with Campaigns Forever outlined in a previous post. I still have not received a response. How long does this process usually take?
  15. Does the candidate who wins in early states like Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, etc get a corresponding momentum boost nationwide/in other states? I'm wondering because sometimes I play and it seems to shift the balance, other times it has no effect at all...I'm just curious so I know as to whether I should devote a lot of time or resources to those states (like the real candidates actually do).
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