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  1. I know it's not everyone's favorite source, but if you to Wikipedia, they often have county-by-county data on this, I was able to pull my numbers for my Vermont scenario straight from there.
  2. I'm sorry but I can't see Lieberman ever legitimately running again, he only won because he had support of many Democrats, and now everyone in Connecticut knows what a joke he is, furthermore he won't get campaign held from out-of-state Dems. People there hate him, I think he knows politically he'd be embarrassed if he ran for another office or for re-election.
  3. IIRC, parties didn't realistically become identified with one color until the 2000 election, where every major network showed Gore in blue and Bush in red. For whatever reason, color association with the parties has always fascinated me, yet I've never found much information on it.
  4. I'm running version on Windows XP
  5. Worked for me... though it is not very well balanced. It accurately replicates the huge boost Carter received, yet fails to consider the fall in Carter support towards the end of the campaign when Americans grew impatient with Carter's strategy. Kennedy has almost zero chance of pulling off the nomination.
  6. We could definitely get them all done, I have Vermont pretty well done, except I need someone more familiar with the game than I am to edit the monetary co-efficients and costs of things like advertising. If anyone is willing to tweak this scenario, I can zip it up and send it to them.
  7. Really interested in this, hope someone can send it my way, keepereusc@gmail.com
  8. While we are talking about re-ordering things... how do I re-order the list of scenarios?
  9. Would love to playtest this, my e-mail is keepereusc@gmail.com
  10. ROSS PEROT. You probably have far too many Republican candidates in this election.
  11. There is no purpose to this at all though. Anyone who lives in a state that separately elects Governor and Lt. Governor would tell you that this is going to mirror absolutely nothing and would be a terrible waste of time.
  12. I don't understand the purpose. The only way this is interesting if they are balanced with a presidential candidate, and even then, the election would only be interesting in seeing the difference in public opinion between the nominee and their veep. As a stand-alone, it's essentially an election full of favorite son candidates.
  13. I don't feel the above parties are worth adding, many won't have ballot access in numerous contests, and surely none are legitimate candidates to take over 1% of the vote. That being said, I really hope Bob Barr is added to the new version, I'm really interested in playing a campaign as him. Getting the nomination would be interesting, and then his potential general election strength would be fun to toy with.
  14. Fully agree. The games understanding of when a candidate is still in the race is very much inaccurate. Even if Obama had the delegate lead, it was clear that he could not reach the targeted goal of delegates, so there was no reason for Clinton to have to drop out of the race, her chance should've still been -100%. I don't quite understand what point it is at which candidates are willing to drop out.
  15. Just managed to pull off a similar result. Playing Gold 3.1 on Hard as Richardson, I focused all out on Iowa early, as the top three swung at each other, raising my numbers near 15% on the polling day, with huge momentum while everyone else was in the negatives. I picked up the undecided vote, but it wasn't enough to top Obama, and so I faded into obscurity, sitting in Texas and just fundraising, figuring I'd hang around and then get him to pick me as the VP after he won. Biden and Kucinich bowed out early to Obama, and it looked like he was going to turn the tide on Super Tuesday. But ju
  16. How does that even work? I don't understand how it could happen with proportional delegate allocation. Surely the less popular candidate could win, but not by that much.
  17. Ditch Ferraro, it's just not realistic, you can find another Dem to fill the same role you want.
  18. As a third-party enthusiast, I would be incredibly excited to play either a Perot re-election in 1996 or a 2000 election with a legitimate three way race from each party.
  19. Pat Leahy as a Democrat (always wondered how Pat would do, he's the man) or, if you really want to throw more parties in... Bernie Sanders as an Independent/Progressive/Socialist candidate
  20. Makes sense as a war game, not as a Campaign.
  21. I just wish that customer service were a little better right now -- I've been trying to get my copy of Campaigns Forever working since I bought it nearly two months ago, and I've had roughly zero help on the issue :-/
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