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  1. It's awesome to see the interest, I've been holding off from working on it because Pollina had scheduled a huge event downtown where it was contemplated that he might leave the race and run for Lt. Governor, but he is here to stay. I'm in the middle of exams, but I will be knocking this out bit by bit, and will have some version out in the next two weeks.
  2. Just updating you guys, I"m working on figuring out what money metrics are realistic and work within the context of the game, once I get that under wraps, we should be good to go. The game is going to be a big challenge for those playing as Pollina (I haven't come close), but with a bit of luck, I've seen him narrowly capture the popular vote while the electoral college got thrown up in the air (It'd be political suicide for the legislature to overturn the will of the people up here). I'm worried that I might not be giving Douglas the strength he deserves; while he's a lame duck governor, he
  3. Done issues (need to make icons), percentages solidified, just endorsers, events, and figuring out the money issues to deal with. If people would like to play this upon it's completion, post e-mails and I'll send it out once I'm happy with it. Will still need feedback if people find errors, or if others have suggestions to improve it.
  4. This is officially a project underway, so I thought I'd post updates. Candidates: DEMOCRATS - Speaker of the House Gaye Symington REPUBLICANS - Governor Jim Douglas PROGRESSIVES - Anthony Pollina Notes: With these three candidates looking to be the only competition this summer, I am moving forward with just them in the game. That said, the game will/should start in the "primary" season, just so Anthony Pollina's huge time advantage in this campaign can at least give him in-game time to make up ground. Once complete, I can add in further things, like hypothetical candidates, and mayb
  5. I was working on this, but then my copy of Campaigns Forever wouldn't activate, and support never fixed the problem after I sent them a million emails. I may still try to flush it out by editing the text files, it'll just be a bitch to do. EDIT: I would LOVE any help I can get on this for the record, I have a map done, but I really need help with issues and the different positions for each of the issues. I know the candidates really well, and can assign their positions/percentages, I am just terrible at figuring out issues and how to break them up. Would love to have someone to collaborat
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