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  1. You need to Balance out Obama somehow. I spaced bar a few games as a Libertarian, and Obama smoked whoever the GOP candidate was each time, winning over 400 electoral college votes. He even won Texas against Rick Perry. Id suggest it has to do with Obama just having way to much money for the GOP to compete, I would suggest adding some endorsers who give the GOP candidate some money. suggestions being American Crossroads group run by Karl Rove: 10mil Republican National Committee: 40 mil GOPAC: 10 mil Club for Growth: 10mil Tea Party: 20mil I know these groups technically cant work dir
  2. I know you've got tons of work ahead with 30 republicans and i would hate to add more to your workload. However, instead of Ben Stein, another celebrity you may want to think about would be Donald Trump. He has says he is considering running as a republican, and although i doubt he will, its most likely a publicity stunt, i do think its more realistic then Ben Stein. Here is a link to an article confirming he has actually been talking about it Trump Considers bid for President
  3. Although Rex Murphy has run for the liberals in past, he also ran for the PCs. I would suggest taking him out of this scenario because its hard to say what is actual political persuasion is. I suggest replacing him with Peter Mansbridge, there is little doubt he is a liberal.
  4. How about adding Norman Schwarzkopf ( i would suggest off) to the Republicans.
  5. If you add Kennedy your going to have to put something in about Chappaquiddick. That was one of the main reasons he didn't run in 72.
  6. I like your Breakdown of Candidates you have obviously put in alot of thought into who your going with. The only thing i would suggest is maybe adding Mark Sanford. I know you have Gary Johnson in as a libertarian leaning Candidate but Sanford might be a more mainstream Libertarian presence. Also may i ask who was the 2012 GOP VP candidate?
  7. The Fact that Charles Barkley was also recently arrested for DUI under interesting circumstances and the fact that he is a self admitted gambling addict might effect his running for future political office. Megan McCain also has to go based on the fact she would be two young under the constitution to run.
  8. Just thought i would point out that in 2016 Ed Rendell will be 72 Nancy Pelosi will be 76 Hillary Clinton will be 69 I would argue that based on the scrutiny McCain received in the last election that he was to old to be President there is no way Pelosi would run at 76, and very doubtful that either Rendell or Clinton would run.
  9. Mark Sanford for the republicans could be a possibilitiy. You might want to decide who was the VP candidate for the Rebulicans in 2012 as they could be a major contender in 2016.
  10. I know its just a scenario but i think some of your star candidates are a little far fetched. Since this set in 2008 I cant see any of the current premiers you have stepping down to run for federal office this would include. Danny Williams, Rodney MacDonald, Dalton McGuinty, Brad Wall, and Gary Doer. Out of those the only one i could see running maybe would be Williams and only if he was the leader of the PCP but since you said Charest was their leader i doubt williams would run i would add him as an alternate leader for the PCP though. the other guys i just cant see stepping down it wouldn'
  11. You should put something in about Chappaquiddick. I'm sure that was one of if not the biggest reason Kennedy didn't run in 72.
  12. If you have ever watched CNN you would know that Jeffrey toobin is clearly in the tank for the democrats. All he is doing here is building grass roots support by scarring people into believing RoeVSWade will overturned. There is no way a democratic house would confirm a Pro-life justice. His statement that the president appoints the judges and the senate cant ever stop him is absurd. They can find ways, Harriet Miers anybody. Toobin is just trying to scare people from voting republican.
  13. If the 2004 GOP nomination went the way you are sugesting do you really think McCain would run again. I mean if he came close to beating bush in 2000 and then in 2004 didnt even finish in the top 3 for the nomination you really think at 71 he would run agian. I would think that Powell would most likely run due to the fact that he narrowly lossed the nomination in 04.
  14. It does Favour the incumbent but its not impossible to win as a republican. I played as powell and lost the electoral vote 270-268. I lost virgina by less then 40,000 votes.
  15. Just a question why no David Cameron for the Conservatives? wouldnt as current leader of the party he be a contender for the conservative nomination? also what about gordon brown wouldnt he be a contender for Labour?
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