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  1. 103 for the Coalition, playing as Peter Costello.
  2. The Australian engine runs into difficulties when you try to play a scenario with less than four parties. So if you want to try your luck with any old custom scenarios that have three parties or fewer, you'll still need the Canadian version (though I'd be surprised if this feature of the Australian engine isn't fixed up at some point in the future).
  3. The Tassie thing didn't sound right, so I checked it just now and my game (v has Tasmania as centrist on Old Growth Forests ("Jobs more important than trees.")
  4. Party and leader graphics for the Australian Democrats are included, so a 2004 scenario involving Bartlett and Co shouldn't be too hard to make. You'd have to ensure that the game balance remained about the same, though; the starting scores would have to be adjusted to ensure that Dem preferences don't put Labor in too commanding a position.
  5. I had the same thought initially: Labor has the edge. But I've played a fair few games as the minor parties, leaving control of Howard and Latham to the CPU, and that's actually not the case. If anything, the opposite is true. Labor starts with an relatively solid advantage in terms of seats and votes, but Howard claws back their lead more and more each week. He's usually ahead by the time we enter the last fortnight. This isn't something that's just happened once or twice; it happens consistently. Turns out your 99 seats (!) reflects your own expert gaming, while my 73 seats on my first
  6. Well, eugene, I just opened up a new session and checked. Katter starts with 63% of the two-party vote, so it looks as though the whistling will continue for some time yet. On the bright side: Labor and National candidates are level-pegging in that seat, so if the Nats edge ahead, they might be able to pick up a lot of Labor (and Green) preferences and eke out a narrow win. Still a long shot. (Katter is a Liberal candidate in the game, probably because he would support the Coalition in the event of a hung parliament but is running against a National. Tony Windsor is a conservative runnin
  7. That's the same as the result in my first game! In my case, the Nats got 14 seats, for a total Coalition tally of 73 seats to Labor's 77. We were looking pretty good less than two weeks out from polling day, but a late Labor comeback saw them pip us at the post.
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