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  1. It's the home region box. The regional bonus settings are correct for the candidates I've entered. It's just weird to see a campaign start with everyone grouped up in Alabama...
  2. A couple of problems I've noted... A) I download the file that claims to be but when I check the version number under the Help tab it still says In trying to write a 2008 scenario I added a new political party and gave that party candidates. No matter what I set their home region as it always defaults back to the first region alphabetically on the list. Everything else seems to work fine, just this one little thing. In my case, I have a whole slate of candidates from Alabama even though none of the candidates actually are from Alabama. I don't know if part A is a big
  3. The problem is that raw vote totals are pretty worthless in Iowa, because it's a caucus, not a primary. The only concern is how many delegates each candidate wins in a precinct, and the number of caucusers necessary in each precinct is dependent on the total number of attendees. Likewise, if your candidate doesn't get at least 15% of the caucus-goers in their preference group, the group is deemed not viable, and you either have to pick a new candidate or go home. Finally, No Preference is always an option at the Iowa caucus. In 1976, Jimmy Carter launched his campaign with a "win" in Iowa,
  4. I'm a fan of being able to pick speakers for the convention, ESPECIALLY if you get a bump in the home state of a speaker (assuming it's a good speech). As for the site of the convention, I guess it would be all right as an option, but the locations for the conventions are set well ahead of time. I'd personally rather the conventions were where the parties have set them, rather than where I choose.
  5. I was kind of disappointed that the new candidates have to be a member of a party (in the 2008 scenario), or that I couldn't add a party to the list for each scenario. Any plans to at least make "Independent" an option in candidate creation?
  6. icrover

    P4EP Bug

    I still get a List Out of Bounds error message when I do Research against another candidate. It doesn't affect gameplay at all, as far as I can tell, as all I do is click on the OK button in the message box and then continue on with the game. It's probably something you'll want to look at, though. I'm running the latest update.
  7. I too would like to see those early contests have more of an effect on the game. Traditionally, if you don't do well in either Iowa or New Hampshire, you're done. That's it. The media stops paying attention and donors move to other candidates. I don't expect it to narrow the field to two candidates after New Hampshire - after all, this is a game and I rather enjoy seeing brokered conventions - but some bonuses should be given to early winners.
  8. icrover

    P4EP Bug

    I finally managed to win the nomination yesterday, but right after the Republican Convention I started getting List Out of Bounds errors, with various single digit numbers in parentheses. The game wouldn't go any further.
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