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  1. Achievements is a great idea in my opinion. There could be achievements for winning by 10%, 20%, getting all 538 electoral votes, etc.
  2. I think any candidates that do jump in should be added. But poll numbers, money totals, candidate strength, etc., should all be set as it was in October.
  3. We need to keep in mind that all of this is happening after October, which is when the game starts. If the scenario is created based on exactly everything that happens along the way, then there is no point in playing the game.
  4. Would love to try it Truthisthat + AAOT@gmail.com remove the plus and spaces. Not sure how many spammers browse this forum.
  5. I think it would be really difficult to play on a phone without a completely different interface. Of the two though, Android has a larger market share and would probably be the better choice.
  6. How come I've only experienced it with this scenario though?
  7. Yes. His chances were slim to none.
  8. At the start of the general election, it asks you.
  9. Paul starts with around 10% in Iowa which is probably what it should be. Let's keep in mind that the scenario starts in Mid-October. Right around that time, polls show that Ron Paul was polling around 11%.
  10. The strategy list of states? Or the prediction tool? The strategy box lets you identify what states you want to include in your strategy. This will be states your crusaders go to. Not sure what else may use this list? Prediction tool is used to predict what will happen based on various scenarios.
  11. Bug I encountered... I was playing as Huntsman on Hard Difficulty with all of the GOP candidates turned on. I won NH, but not much of the other early states. The NH win got me a bit of momentum and I was able to use the increased fundraising to run national ads. I was noticing my polling numbers improving a bit as the field got smaller and smaller, but I was not receiving any endorsements. Finally, I pulled nearly even with Huckabee (the front runner) as I continued to gain a few points each week in the national polls. Huckabee then got endorsements from multple candidates including Romney, Ch
  12. I think Huntsman would really need to grow to become a strong independent candidate. At this point, Americans are more familiar with Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg, and Ron Paul. Huntsman is still a bit of an unknown to the country, but with proper resources, could run a strong campaign. It'd be kinda crazy to add multiple independent candidates in separate "parties" so they don't have to do any primaries with each other. Although a very slim chance, there is still the chance of something like Bloomberg AND Palin running. Bloomberg targeting the independents, Palin targeting the tea-party v
  13. Any word on adding some strong independents to the scenario?
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