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  1. npm32, I'm glad you got a hearty laugh. Laughter is the best medicine, and I like all I can get! God Bless.
  2. here! here! I agree! I support Politican Forever as well. Not to mention CSA Forever!!!
  3. I like them all but I'm anxious to see the one where the South wins. They all sound Great!
  4. Although I don't like the idea and probably won't play the game, this is one of the pleasures of being Free and having a Free Will. If you want to create a game as such and then play then that is your right. The same goes with my Confederate 1861 scenario, if you don't like it then don't olay. Well, yes some could see the CSA as a sign of slavery but that would be pretty crazy since the Southron nation - which allowed slavery - only lasted as a viable nation for 4 years, it has lasted for over 140 years as a govt in exile as there was no treaty of surrender. One would do better to think of
  5. Wait, can't we call upon Strom Thurmond to be the mascot for "Senator Forever?"
  6. Creigl


    Although I stand for the Constitution Party I stand with my friend (and the former front-runner in the "Poster" poll thread) Hardrightconservative. It's been a little busy around the church as of late, but I figured I'd drop by and see how yall are. Seems good. GOd Bless.
  7. SSVegeta123243, Which statement is it my friend?? Let's not "wear" flip-flops around hear. Just kidding. Glad to see everyone is well. Personally, I don't think Kennedy was the greatest. He was too imperialistic for me. Although and the Govt. did steer clear of WWIII, still, he is overrated, like my friend, YoungCTrep, said. God Bless yall.
  8. Hardrightconservative, I admire your stance upon your princples as well my friend. True the parties are where we disagree. God Bless you as well Brother!
  9. What about: Democratic Disaster? Or Republican Ruination? Or would you rather see a: Constitutional Comeback? I like #3. PEROUTKA/BALDWIN 2004!
  10. We know that Christianity is the only way to Heaven because Christ was born of a virgin, fulfilled the OT prohecies, paid the penalty for mankind's sin, so that those who believe (accept for truth what He did) in Him then their condmenation has been paid for by Christ's death and due to His Resurrection we are promised a Resurrection body as His. So Buddists, Mormons, Moonies, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc, etc. etc. Will go to Hell if they do not Believe (place their Faith or Trust) in the Jesus Christ of the 66 Canonical Books of what we call the Bible. If they work to get to Heaven or believe M
  11. French Fisher, Yes God is love. But He also consists of: Righteousness, Truth, Immutability, Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience, Justice and Eternal Life. Since the Lord is Pure Righteousness (holiness) He cannot have anything to do with sin. As such his Justice, Truth, and Righteousness condemn Sin and all that have anything to do with sin. Because He can do no wrong, He is always right. He gave us Free Will (Volition) to choose for Him or Against Him in order to resolve Satan's Appeal Trial in which he must have stated: "If God is a God of love how can He cast me into the Lake of
  12. Well Researched mguy77! I agree a 5% ratio with chance of being caught or on/off toggle sounds like a winner. Although implying connections with NY or NJ could be sterotypical, but then again who doesn't sterotype us Southrons as idiots when we wrote the Dec. of Indpendence, Essentially turned the tide of the Rev. War, Wrote the Constitution, Virginia gave the US some of its finest Presidents, Invented the 1st working Submarine, Flamethrower, Land/Sea Mines, Double Barreled Cannon (all from 1861-1865), Gave WWI its heroes: President Woodrow Wilson, Sgt. Alvin C. York, WWII its heroes Eisenhow
  13. MattyN, Way 2 GO! That was a very realistic, thought out, planned, prepared, researched Alt. Hist. Superbly Terrifying. But it was great. I agree with HardRight Conservative, keep up the good work. SSVegeta123243, You don't understand Alt. History, or so it seems. Perhaps another term: Counterfactual History will help? () It's neat to see what might have happened. Besides its not being intolerant of another's Faith, its seeing what could've happened. Yes Christianity is the ONLY way to Heaven! Period.
  14. When I was in 6th grade I told our teacher that NAFTA would spell doom for Rutherford County as the textile industry would move South of the border to Mexico for cheaper wages. Since textiles are (were) the backbone of our county since the 1870s this has b=hurt most families in the county. I knew it then and supported Perot....until he re-entered the 2nd time. If he'd stay'd in, who knows??
  15. Hear! Hear! HardRightConservative! Agree with your postings there!
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