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  1. The electoral college needs realignment. The electors in each state should be named and visible. They act as our proxy for electing the president. The parties should not be able to do as they do now. Each districts elector should vote for the president/Vice President. If the Republicans win a district, that district's republican elector should get to cast that districts vote... it should be a state level slate. This would be more a voice of the people while not losing the benefits of the college method.
  2. I created two characters, Joe Left and Joe Right. I set each up to have either a totally leftist platform or a completely rightist platform. I set all other elements equal. Then I ran the game with both Republican and Democrat as Human. As I played I just held down the space bar and did absolutely nothing. The result was a total landslide for Joe Left. Now comon... I have played both sides and had fun with both... but lets be honest about the coding on this game.... doesn't appear to be unbiased to the left. And for the record. I am not a republican or a democrat.... just annoyed.
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