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  1. Most likely you'll be waiting until summer of 2010 for the first beta.
  2. For the love of god. A hot key for creating foot soldiers. When you have 35-42 stamina points, it's a pain to click every state and create foot soldiers every single turn. If we could just click on the state and press the "F" key ...
  3. I agree, this forum is dead. I'm rather disappointed, as I've been enjoying the President Forever series since 2000. At a time when intrest in politics is extraordinarilly high, I feel like 80soft (theoryspark) has let us down. Updates are insanely sporatic, congress forever seems to be abandoned, multiplayer has been teased for MONTHS. While I do understand and respect that it is a small company and that nothing ever seems to get released when we want it ... I can't help but think that a little more commuication on both sides (players and developers) is needed. The people who play these
  4. jhjohnson3581@gmail.com I'd love a copy whenever you have an oppertunity
  5. What about an earlier start date? Indeed, the old assumption was that the elections started after labor day. This time around, people were annoucing in January ...
  6. Intresting scenario, and above all, it's fun. I'd like to see it with a more customized scenario. Couple of small points ... Delagates in MI and FL (dems) need to be changed back to full WV should probably be part of the rust belt or the south. OK should be in the mid west
  7. I have a question ... In the multiplayer feature ... is one person a democrat and one a republican? How would the primary system work? What if one person does not win thier primary, do they continue as the nominee?
  8. Hello? Theoryspark? Anyone there? This is a signifcant bug. It seems to come up with modified/created characters? Any comment?
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