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  1. I really wish that they would add a stronge Independent Cannidate (Bloomberg hint hint who could afford the get on almost all if not all of the States.
  2. A couple of suggestions: I would change Newspaper Ads to On-line Ads. I would also add a Cable TV Ad feature. This would have regional spending options (Like California-Nevada-Arizona region or something like that). And finally I would love to have an Independent Candidacy option. You know, in the off change of not securing your parties Nomination, you should have the option of running as an Independent. Also, as a add level of difficulties, you can also have a computer player run as an Independent if the end up the loser in a tight nomination. All in all, I love the game.
  3. Chuck Hagel yesterday said in an interview with the Washington Post that he would be up for a bipartisan unity ticket...which leads me to think that this sentiment will become far more common closer to the 2008 election. I think it will be the natural backlash to the polarization of American politics (I'm personally sick of the "You're either with me or against me" approach). SO I was wondering if you guys could make it easier to select VP's from other political parties once you secure the nomination? Now I don't know if the newest version ( addresses this issue but I know that
  4. And Republican Rep Duncan Hunter from California...and probably Hagel too.
  5. And just to add a bit (since I find VP selecting/deciding to be one of the more fun parts of the game). Maybe you guys can make a link to the leading party candidate's relationship with other candidates in their party, as an indicator if they are willing to break ticket and run as a VP for the other party. Meaning if you just pound a candidate with negative ads and bet them out of nomination (IE Bush in 2000 against McCain) there's a better possibility that that candidate would switch and run on the other ticket. I know there's not much to this in Modern history, but with today's temporary
  6. former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore just announced that he's running for President. 2008 is shaping up to be a very interesting election.
  7. Dennis Kucinich is now running...you know the next update, you guys really should just throw everyone in on both sides and the kitchen sink. I wouldn't be surprise if the number reaches 50 (25 each) by January '08.
  8. Yeah, that would be great. I'm a little said that there's no Green Party in either 04 or 08.
  9. I'm sure people have posted most of this already but if you read the bottom I do have a point with this post Yeah you should probably drop him from the primary and just keep him as a possible VP choice. Same with Warner. You should also probably add Bill Richardson, Vilsack, Obama, Bayh, Gore, Dodd and Feingold for the Dems Primary and Huckabee, Brownback, Hagel, Pataki, Tancredo, Bloomberg and maybe Rice for the Republican Primary. Here's my point why...no really, I do have a point: Since 2008 will be the first non-incubnet Presidential election (meaning no re-election or current VP r
  10. No but I was playing Clark and got Powell to accept the VP job. It was weird and cool because Bush also picked Powell, so for some reason, the computer controlled him. So he was campaigning for me but not using any of my resources. It was pretty sweet. BTW, I womped Bush by 20 points. But since then, I haven't been able to get the nomination before he drops out. Maybe I'll try it again running solo for the nom. I'll get back to you if it works.
  11. I think immigration will always be a big issue with Boarder States but I also see it becoming a bigger issue in some non-boarder states as immigration increases.
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