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  1. I've been browsing around, looking at the stellar work that Zion did with the LA, Penn, NY, and CA governor races, and I wondered: why not do all of them? I have seen ideas for several states (CT, NC) tossed around, so why not combine them? It would make the perfect compliment for Congress Forever; people would potentially be able to play any nationally relevant race that they chose. If we could get a large team together, we could do every state (around 40 or so still left), and then make it one hell of a package. Whose in? We need at least 10 people.
  2. @Arach: 15 in all, 3 major, maybe 4 or so medium sized, and the rest are basically either niche parties (like the Arab parties, which are only strong in certain regions) or just fringe versions of more mainstream counterparts (National Front being both an excellent and frightening example). Anyway, I have tried them all at least once, and all are quite fun to play. @Sum1: I would generally have to agree with, though this game does simulate many parts of the system quite well - plus, the fickle nature of PE42008 perfectly reflects the fickle nature of Israeli politics . In all seriousness,
  3. So, I have ventured out and decided to try Campaigns forever with a spiffy new Israeli scenario. I am pretty far into the scenario, having the regions, parties, and issues all worked out. I still need endorsers, events, and some minor touch-ups, but all looks pretty well so far! I know from what I have read thus far that proportional representation is pretty hard to model in the American version of the game (which is why I plan to make a Chancellor Forever port sometime in the future). That being said, I have figured out a nifty way to implement at least partial proportional representation
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