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  1. Fantastic idea, though it seems like it would be a bit of work.
  2. I was kind of thinking about an idea that would help make certain scenarios more realistic and balanced. Anyone who has played scenarios with incumbent presidents knows that if you start in the primary the incumbent has a huge advantage. Its not difficult at all to get a clean sweep (minus maybe DC) with Bush in '04. Even in 2012 Obama can easily lock up the election while the GOP is fighting it out. Not only does this make scenarios that feature incumbents unrealistic, but it makes it difficult to overcome the advantage the incumbent has. What I think should be done, is to simply limit how
  3. Haven't you learned by now theoryspark really frowns upon people expressing their views.
  4. I thought you'd been banned And that is a good idea.
  5. How'd you do it, the old oter frontrunner VP trick?
  6. It should be tied to debating skills.
  7. I'd like to see the convention more in depth.Have the delegates vote and allow the canditates to pick speakers out of a list of party endorsers who each have negative and positive impacts. Show the states voting 1 by 1 and all that stuff.
  8. How bout this. There are certain crusaders that are uncomitted. You sway them the same way as the endorsers but once they commit they're yours.
  9. How bout the ability to delete individual elections off the high score list instead of having to clear it all. I've got a Huckabee 538-0 98 popular vote I did for fun against the Libertarians that doesn't look right.
  10. Great Idea. I think it should be optional though.
  11. The post and the scenario is over a year old. The person probably isn't around and the scenario probably doesn't have realistic numbers. You seem to have an obsession with scenarions whether they are good or bad or exist or not.
  12. I'll have at it. 270gopred@gmail.com
  13. How bout if you withdraw and endorse someone you can become a crusader for them hopping aroung the country on their behalf.
  14. Yeah I often do that but with a watch mode you can see everythinh the canditates do like ads and activities and crusaders and such.
  15. Good idea. I also like the idea of a "watch mode" where you can just sit back and watch instead of using a thir party canditate.
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