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  1. fcp2889

    Babkha 2009

    Here is what I was able to come up with. Hope it helps!
  2. fcp2889

    Babkha 2009

    I was able to whip up this map of Iran if it may be useful. Difficult to find a combined Iraq and Iran with provinces. I can also try and find some party logos.
  3. fcp2889

    Babkha 2009

    Is anyone interested in resurrecting this project? I was thinking this could be updated as a sort of "Babkhan Spring" scenario, with the toppling of the Sultan and new democratic elections. Also, I did some research into Babkhan history, and found the following names for the parties already mentioned: People's Revolutionary Party - Communist Babkhan Liberal Centre Party - Liberal Qermez Party - Monarchist Azadegan Party (Free People's Party) - Islamic Rastakhiz Party (Rennisance or Resurgence Party) - Right-Wing
  4. If someone would be so kind, I would also like a copy of the Weimar scenario. Thanks to anyone who can.
  5. I'd be happy and eager to test this one out for you, if you need the help.
  6. I absolutely love the idea of this scenario. However, I just have one suggestion. I think 19 million people might be a bit too much for a Mediterranean island nation. The largest island in the area is Sicily (with about 5 million), followed by Sardinia (with about 1.6 million), and Cyprus (with around 1 million). As well, many nations in Europe do not have more than 9 or 10 million people in larger areas than the various Mediterranean islands and nations. Obviously, it's your show, so your idea is the reality, but just a heads up. Other than that, it should be an excellent scenario (as always)
  7. In terms of Reshmir, it might be helpful to look at this fictional nation/micronation, the Kingdom of Xliponia. It is theoretically located in northern Greece, yet is set up like an small Adriatic/Slavic nation. It contains good statistics, a background history, graphics, culture, language, and all kinds of maps. I would work on it, but I'm still a noob when it comes to scenario creation. This is the link to its wiki page: http://ib.frath.net/w/Xliponia Anyway, just a suggestion.
  8. This sounds like a great scenario. I'd appreciate a copy as well, thank you. fcp2889@yahoo.com
  9. When you send out the next batch, can you please send me a copy at fcp2889@yahoo.com. I am really excited to try this out. Thank you.
  10. I badly want to try this scenario as well, when you get the time to fix it: Thank You!
  11. I'd like a copy as well, thank you. fcp2889@yahoo.com
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