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  1. PE2016 - re: all the Governors in the "endorsers" part of the game. It would help if in addition to the nqame of the Governor, his state was aslo displayed.
  2. Can I get a copy? Thanks. lewers@verizon.net
  3. Democrats Obama Clinton Edwards Richardson Biden Dodd Republicans Romney Huckabee McCain Thompson Paul Guliani
  4. could you send it to lewers@verizon.net Thanks
  5. Could you send it to lewers@verizon.net Thanks!
  6. Lewers

    P4EP Bugs

    When I try and save I get "access violation at address 004152F7 in mod p4e.exe. read at adress 0000..."
  7. I'm really enjoying the Primaries game. A few thoughts which might be done without a huge amount of effort: 1. In the real world winning those first few primaries are very important. The reality is that it is very tough to raise funds if you keep losing. So when a candidtate wins one of the early primaries he gets some sort of fund raising bonus. ...and those who lose get no bonus. And those who lose big time or just keep on losing get the effectiveness of their fundraising downgraded. This forces all the candidates to make a real effort in the Iowa/NewHampshire early races. 2. There is real
  8. Is it possible to control where your Crusaders campaign? When I'm Frist, my crusaders keep campaigning in Tenessee and when I'm Romney, it's tough to get them out of Massachusetts. I make sure these states are not in my "strategy", but the Crusaders still tend to stick with states where I don't need any additional campaigning. Any thoughts?
  9. Actually you are right. I got '72 and '76 mixed up. Scratch Harris.
  10. Another Democratic contender in 1972 was formar Oklahoma Senator Fred Harris.
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