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  1. Also, don't forget that Nixon had two primary challengers, Pete McCloskey and John Ashbrook. http://www.4president.org/ocmi1972.htm
  2. What is the max number of candidates that one party can have in P4E + P? How many parties? I think I've seen this mentioned somewhere, but I can't remember where.
  3. Sen. Harold Hughes of Iowa was a favorite son type candidate that withdrew very early.
  4. Also- in 2008 there are many of the candidates labeled (female) that should be male.
  5. prarie_agitator

    P4EP Bug

    Primaries are based on casting a secret ballot - caucuses are attending a meeting and voicing your preference, in essense electing delegates to the county, then district, then state conventions in person. Each time you're electing delegates to the next level, and the precinct caucus is the most basic level. Let me use my 2004 Iowa experience as an example. I went to my caucus site hoping to caucus for Kucinich. He didn't have 15% of the people there (a total of about 150 people) so we were forced to re-align with a "viable" candidate. At that point, at my site, the viable alternatives we
  6. Eh, it seems to be working now. New candidates start at 0% unless you mess with the percentages.xml file.
  7. Is it possible to affect ballot access in states for third parties? If so, how? I spent lots of time as Nader building up my grassroots, campaign development, and barnstorming, and to no avail in any state.
  8. Has this worked for you? I tried to do this - just copy Clark and replace him w/ Feingold's information, and I just got errors. Does something need to be modified in the percentages file?
  9. prarie_agitator

    P4EP Bug

    I notice that in some of the areas such as ad making there is a way to scroll through the parties, but not the candidates. I needed to hit clark with some ads early on but was dissapointed to find out that there is no way to choose him. So far, I haven't gotten to the GE anyways, so I can't report on that. I ran as Edwards and was trounced by HRC, and then in the 2004 I went into the convention as Kucinich with 950+ delegates but Dean must have worked the convention better because everyone but Sharpton threw him their delegates.
  10. Is there a quick way or a tutorial of sorts anyone could give to adding or editing candidates, or even parties for the new P4E Primaries. I'm really pleased with the game, and I really want to do some things like add Feingold, Dodd, Bloomberg as an (I), Jim Gilchrist as the Constitution nominee, and so on. I've attempted this but don't quite think I have it right. I know there's a editor coming out, but I wanted to see if there are some instructions for those of us not too timid to jump in and edit files. Thanks,
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