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  1. Yes, if you add Palin, please email me a new copy ka.moore@comcast.net (I think my old email was on your mailing list) Great work though!!
  2. Topink and Pankau are not running and should not be included. Those who might: Sen. Dan Rutherford (has the most $$ out of all the R candidates) Ron Gidwitz (sp?)
  3. I don't think it makes a lot of sense to break down Chicago/Cook COunty into wards, just perhaps make it have more delegates/electoral votes in the general and be really difficult for a Republican to win. If you need any help in this scenario, let me know as I am active in Illinois politics.
  4. Could you please send one to me too: ka.moore@insightbb.com
  5. This was a great read..nice job with this one!! Sorry it didn't work out with the win.
  6. My predictions: Rep: Romney Huckabee Thompson McCain Paul Dems: Obama Edwards Clinton Biden Dems will have nearly twice the turnout as Republicans.
  7. Paul and Huner were both strong i my game. Hunter with California, Paul with Texas, but then picking up a lot of southern states. It was interesting as I was Thompson and weeks before the convention it was a 4 way tie between Thompson, Giuliani, McCain and Paul. I lost to Paul by 7 votes after McCain dropped out and endorsed Paul. (Giuliani had endorsed me)
  8. It also has bugged me that it says "McCain picks Romney as Vice Leader" instead of Vice President
  9. Well you have to do it later on in the process, when it is clear the person you want to drop out can not win. Than with each PIP point you offer, the percentage should go up. (I usually find the most success about a month before the conventions) You also have to be in a position where you have a chance of winning, and polling better than the person you want to drop out. You can also offer the VP slot too, if you want to spice the offer up.
  10. B/C that is how it is in real life. In most R primaries it is winner takes all, in most D they split it by percentage of vote.
  11. I personally would like to see a a good government simulator. I see a game where you get elected like in President forever, then have four years to run a country (kind of like Shadow President) and then would have to run again. You could even incorporate COngress forever in there for the midterm elections.
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