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    hehe. Was playing as Republican frontrunner Guiliani once. Had a whole bunch of opponents enabled (some 11/12). My momentum took a dive and hoovered between -20 & -25 at a certain time. I checked my opponents themes and some 12 themes where directly targeted against me.
  2. After I failed to win the nomination I offered the frontrunner to become the VP-candidate. Frontrunner accepts and game continues so I can play the frontrunner now. All goes well till the convention. Then a message pops up: "You have lost the primaries elections and will be deleted from the game. Thank you for playing"
  3. I've noticed in the primary season that when I scheduled more than one "develop campaign" sessions within one week that only the first one got done and the others got ignored
  4. Where did that extra electoral vote came from?
  5. Slight problem in my game. Played as McCain and managed to lose the primaries against Romney. Just couldn't handle his momentum. If I only would have won Indiana (which I lost by 0.8%) the final tally in delegates would have been 1167-1166 but alas. Enfin, I asked to become McCain's VP which he agreed to. Because I got the endorsement of Hillary before McCain was about 18-20% up against Obama. Republican convention came up. Got thrown out of the game: "You have lost the primaries elections and will be deleted from the game. Thank you for playing"
  6. Congrats! And all the best during the remaining days!
  7. I experience some very heavy shifts in voters from the candidates to the undecideds and back. 3 weeks before Iowa there were hardly any undecideds on the Democratic side 2 weeks before the caucus 60% (!) was undecided 1 week before the primary almost every one has made their mind up again. This current week (the week of the Iowa result) the number of undecides in some states: NH 0% NV 0% MI 0% SC 0% FL 44.5% The Super Tuesday states: CT 0% DE 50.6% AK 49.5% GA 0% AL 58.4% ID 54.3% IL 11.1% MA 51.6% AR 40.2% MN 0% MO 45.8% AR 40.2% CA 0% NJ 17.1% NM 0% NY 32.7% NC 61%
  8. Played the scenario as Obama with 12 candidates on both sides. I think the length of the scenario is interesting but it has some side effects as time manages to slice some of the other influences away so third party candidates are a bit strong in the final end. At the republican side there were 7 candidates with around or more than 200 delegates. Paul the leader, Romney the eventual nominee. On the democratic side Gravel was about unstoppable. I needed some endorsements on the way to finally pull it off during the convention. (One of the endorsements came from Condi Rice who eventually beca
  9. Played my first game with this scenario. Was a nice one despite my failure to win the general election. Played as Huckabee and won IA, NV & FL out of the early states. WY & NH going to Romney, SC went to McCain. Winning FL gave me enough momentum to propellor me into Super Tuesday leaving McCain but especially Romney & Guiliani with some crumbs. Nomination was decided somewhere after Super Tuesday but some of the opponents just wouldn't give up. Offered McCain the VP-spot but Romney buggered me all the way upto the convention. Clinton won the nomination on the Democratic side fa
  10. Wild thought: What if you give every district the same amount electoral votes as they have inhabitants and then use PR for dividing the elecotral votes over the different candidates?
  11. I'd like to have a copy please. piar_nl@yahoo.co.uk
  12. It would be ace if the country was devided in CD's. Not just because there are less of them as counties but also because they are more evely populated than counties. Added bonusses: As mentioned by Warner'12: Delegate distribution the way the Democrats do Republicans have in some states distributed (a part of) their delegates based on CD's as well (SC, AR & MI spring into mind) If media markets are implemented CD's can be used to determine the size of the media markets Endorsesments by members of congress It can be used for applying different political views to CD's in states which
  13. Although I am a Dutchie I have a fascination with the US elections so I have by now a small collection of US election games. I must say the combination of the primary season together with the election makes this one that stands out a bit. Anyhow my first two games turned out to be Clinton vs Romney followed by Romney vs Clinton. Both matches included quite a bunch of contestants. Started off as Clinton who starts with a huge lead in the Democratic race and despite Warner grabbing almost all the early primaries I was able to sweep Super Tuesday and end the primary season only a few primaries
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