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  1. P.S. I might replace environment with Gulf Oil Spill. (The generic topic of enviro is fine, but I think something spill-specific would tailor it nicely to 2010.)
  2. Here are some ideas: 1) Replace Iraq with Afghanistan 2) I would raise the initial profiles of Abortion, Social Security, and Healthcare. On the latter, I might relabel it Obamacare or Health Care Reform, and tailor it to the 2010 elections. Immigration and Outsourcing also have higher roles this year. 3) Replace Business and Personal Tax categories with a singular one focused on the Bush Tax Cuts. 4) Possible additional topics: Tea Party, Ground Zero Mosque, Birtherism. 5) Possible topics to remove: Gun Control, War on Terror. I'm not that great at creating distinguishable positions f
  3. Actually, I'd disagree. It looks like TX-9 (Al Green vs. Steve Mueller) is tilted Republican when it's a Dem stronghold. DE-AL, AZ-05, ME-01, and ID-01, among others, have similar pro-GOP biases, while others (SD-AL and ND-AL) are tilted Dem. I believe other posts in this thread point to where the percentages are wrong. But I only just noticed TX-9, and as it's not a competitive race (or even a race-to-watch) like the others I mentioned, I figured I should point it out.
  4. I've played Congress 2010 and Senate 2010 several times, and many of the results are phenomenal (Senate Dems getting 64 seats, House Dems arriving at a net zero loss for the election, etc.). Yet, every time I get those great results, the game engine scores it as "incompetent" or "meager" or "disasterous" and gives me a low score. It hardly matters, but I thought it was odd that my scores would be that low given the election results were so good from a political/real-world perspective.
  5. I love this scenario - the fewer races inherent in the Senate battle made it easier for me to stay interested through the full 63 turns of game play. Without a scenario editor for Congress Forever, is anyone working on expanding the Senate 2010 to cover 2006 and 2008?
  6. I know scenarios exist for Senate 2006 and Senate 2008 using PM4E. Any chance you could merge them with the format used in the Senate 2010 scenario for Congress Forever? I'd especially love to see the 2006 year developed (maybe merging Sanders and Lieberman as Independents to keep things simple).
  7. UK elections are generally 35 days. In any case, the PM4E scenario should match the dates from the RL election - i.e, very first day should be the day Brown called the Queen and got the election started.
  8. using version 1.1.1, I got the error: Access violation at address 0046FBA8 in module 'congress4e.exe'. Read of address 00000010. This happened when I tried using the 2008 scenario instead of the 2010 one.
  9. Another flaw in the programming-- As DCCC chair, I ran out of money. I was able to toggle fundraising for the DCCC at that point, but even as the recap showed I raised $200,000 and got another $100,000 from unused CPs, none of that showed up on the main screen, where I was still in the red.
  10. Two other things to add to the list 1) the players have heart points, but they always remain at 100 pts, because I don't see any way for the DCCC chair to campaign in the various states like the party leader does in PM4E. 2) I saw a huge drop in my funds the turn after I created a tv ad (it seems to be deducting the amount of a full day's run of the ad, rather than it's production costs when it's getting created).
  11. I don't know if it's been noted yet - but when I have more than one ad available, it seems I can't halt the second, but can only delete it.
  12. I also noticed Mark Kirk (IL-10) is down by 8 instead of ahead by 3. Most of the others I've seen are roughly at where they ended the election IRL.
  13. I don't know if this glitch is unique to the game I'm playing, but it has Congressman Mitchell (AZ-5) down by 10 at the start of the game even though he won his seat by 10 IRL. Maybe the poll numbers were inverted forthis district?
  14. My only real critique so far (and I've only toyed with it for a short bit) is that the level of detail is immense. That makes it a very daunting challenge to try to manage all the races you need to worry about - and that's even when focusing mostly on the tossups. I found P4E+P to be a challenge to stay interested in fighting all the way through all 9 weeks of the official campaign, and Congress Forever just adds to that by a factor of 10. And this says nothing about the possibility of creating custom scenarios on this gaming platform. I'll try playing on a day off, like the weekend, and r
  15. Damn. I was hoping for a release during the day on Sunday so I could try it out on the weekend. Now I'm going to have to wait until I get home from work tomorrow. Ughh!!!
  16. Thanks. I think I'll avoid media markets for the time being, then. But it'd be a great idea for a future release - most especially if you do a Senator Forever version of the game. (Media markets IRL cross state-boundaries but don't cover entire states, so it might be too complicated for President Forever, and we can craft regions in Prime Minister Forever in much the same fashion as media markets, so it's really just the single-state simulations where this is a bug to fix.)
  17. Is there a way to, let's say, run television advertisements according to media markets, but let radio and newspaper run according to the regions? For example, in Chancellor Forever, you can choose to run a national television ad or an ad that focuses just on select regions. What I'm thinking of is more like being able to say television ads can run in the, say, Jacksonville Media Market, which includes Duval County and many of the surrounding counties, as well. This would be more realistic, and give you greater choices in advertising strategy, while making it clear that television ads are r
  18. bump For example, in Chancellor Forever, you can run national ads or regional ads. I'm wanting to do the same sort of thing for a senator scenario I'm finishing up.
  19. Have you tried shifting more of the candidate's percentages to "committed" and "leaning" instead of undecided?
  20. 1) Adam Jones is seen as overly tied to labor unions, and once used taxpayer funds to finance a "Florida justice tour" that was really promoting his Senate candidacy. So shady but typical politician. I needed low integrity to balance other things like higher charisma. 2) I'll need to look into Linn - third parties shouldn't be able to gain county ev's in this scenario. 3) I do want to use Media Markets, but I never got anyone to answer whether I could use them for one type of ad and not use them for others. Like I believe in C4E you can create national ads or media-linked regional ads, or
  21. Download it here: http://www.roadtopower.org/FloridaSenateTPS.zip But as I'm hosting it on my own website space, please be kind to my bandwith - this is a beta version available for testing, so if you are only mildly interested, please wait until I finish with it. The map is borrowed from someone who's doing the Florida Governor 2010 scenario: Candidates: Mike Adams (D-Alachua County), author Adam Jones (D-Broward), Attorney General George Ryan (D-St.Pete), State Senator Christina Apples (D-Jacksonville), peace activist Robert Sanchez (R-Miami), Congressman Jay Trelane (R-Orlando),
  22. The trick part I've had here is adding the two Mexican provinces and Cuba that the CSA picked up at some point (and then they lost pieces and what not over the course of the Turtledove series). But this is a great map to start off with (as is the one below it). Thanks!
  23. Can you make a variation of that that switches West Virginia for Missouri? And could you give us the rest of the US without that group? It'll help in me crafting some Turtledove-inspired scenarios. Thanks!
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