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  1. It is fortunate for 80soft that the campaign's swung into action so long before the primaries take place.
  2. I haven't given myself the time to play PF 2008+P before last night. The bloody game drew me in and meant I spent all night playing it! I'm sorry for the length of the post, but I felt I'd share my rediscovered joy of the game with you all. I played with medium difficulty, and chose Barack Obama. I could tell, from the opening, that his latest surge in popularity hadn't been factored into the game, so it was always going to be an almighty uphill battle against a very dominant Clinton. I was at around the 8% mark, but managed some good upsets, taking New Hampshire and California early on, which gave me a bit of new wind. I was helped quite significantly by winning one of the union endorsements, giving me a small army of footsoldiers early on. I peaked about midway into the primaries, and then my campaign fell to the wayside a bit. Clinton had clearly concentrated on Edwards or Clark as the main adversary, so I had been able to build up a lot of positive momentum almost unnoticed. Now I was slowly gnawing into Clinton's predicted nomination win, and a barrage of negative ads hit me. This was Edwards' chance, as he took almost all the late primaries, but he never got above the 500 delegates-mark. Vilsack never got going, and withdrew quite early on without. It stung when Clark withdrew and endorsed Clinton. Lucky for me Biden - at about the same support as Clark - did the same with me as the endorsed one a few weeks later. Edwards' late run of form meant no one had the needed amount of delegates, but I felt quite sure of winning the nomination (despite this being my first game), as Edwards' relationship towards Clinton was 1 point compared to my 100 points. In the Republican primary Giuliani and McCain were at it in a two-way cockfight, and between them won a lot of the early primaries, but then - as if out of nowhere - Romney's campaign gained serious traction and he ended up securing the nomination as early as April-May. This of course was a challenge, as he had the campaign map to himself for months, and could build for the general election, whereas - at that time - I was still in the thick of primary action. I feel I managed the general election rather well, especially considering there was quite a gorge between the polling numbers of Romney and myself just after the conventions had ended. I chose John Kerry as my running mate. I considered Clinton, but she seemed weak in the primaries, and I saw Kerry as a way of securing the Pacific coast and the New England area. I briefly considered Bill Richardson too, but thought Kerry a better return. I built heaps of foot soldiers and camped for quite a while in Florida. I think I had four times the foot soldiers of Romney, and this did tell in the final results. It became a lot closer than I had thought, because I frankly ran out of money about five days before election day. Romney managed to win over Pennsylvania and North Carolina in that space of time, and he also took Indiana - all three states won by less than a percentage point of the votes cast. Sickening. In the end they were still counting in Iowa, Minnesota and Washington state, unable to call them. Incredibly Idaho was on the line as well, and Romney only took it with 51.5% of the votes. Iowa kept tipping early on, until it settled into about 52-53% for Romney. Only three points. So I now needed to win both Washington and Minnesota. Minnesota were the first to call: ~52% Obama! Washington did tip from side to side a lot early on, and for one terrifying moment, with about 70% of votes counted, it turned red. But, in the end: 51% Obama. With 276 Electoral votes I won the election, very pleasing. I love the new election night set-up, it really seems to accomodate what people have been proposing on this message board in the past few years. It adds a lot of drama, and all the time you put into playing out the campaign feels worth it to a greater extent now. If only there was an option where you could save the result, so you could 1) look it up later, 2) share it with others, who could look at results on a state-by-state basis too.
  3. K-uglen

    New Poltical Test

    http://www.politopia.com/image.php?P1=0&E1=-8 South-You are a Southerner-an egalitarian-which means that you advocate an increased role for the government in the economic realm. You are more or less pleased the government's role in the personal realm.
  4. K-uglen

    P4EP Bug

    I don't know if this bug has been posted, but: '1.5' is not a valid floating point value. is the error message I receive when I try to start a game as Biden on the Hard setting.
  5. Press the key Print Scrn (next to F12), open up Paint (which is in the Accessories part of Window's Start menu), paste and save. Then upload it and show us it
  6. Interesting result, I didn't think it possible to eradicate all opposition.
  7. Likewise: Glædelig jul.
  8. 'Create Now' is available on the first turn Are there any plans to make the layout more navigationable? Things I think would improve the game: - A toggle-option for percentage-points gained absolute and relative to the leader/second-placed in all of the ridings. That'd make it easier to see where one's campaign is sliding and where it's coming to the fore. - More seats on each screen. Thankfully the new map (usermade I hear?) has meant fewer ridings, but it'd still be great to have for instance six or eight ridings on each page. - In connection with that, it'd be nice to be able to toggle, so you could view all parties at a glance (without the candidate's name for instance, clearing space for more party names). - As countless others more grandeur on election night. One relatively easy thing to implement would be an option to export results to an HTML-file or a txt-file. Then people could compare results on here. It'd be even greater if that file included the percentages etc. from before the campaign began, so one could see where one's progress was made. - I can't speak for others, but before I begin a campaign I like to check out what my platform looks like compared to that of the other candidates/parties. Wouldn't it be possible to make a comparison screen, so I could see how my candidate/party compared to the others? - Connected to that, maybe a similar screen where you see your party's platform compared to the stances of various regions, with the region's number of seats (and number of voters) included?
  9. I had a problem with the ads. I had researched Government Ethics, and clicked on the insight to use it in an ad. Then I clicked cancel, as I wanted to check something. When I clicked my way back in, the lightbulb had gone and hence no insight for me to use I've also noticed the 'Create Now'-option going away after the first game you play. Surely an anomaly too?
  10. What LiberalUK were proposing would, could and should be made in the same manner as regionalism - an option to toggle on and off at the game starting screen. That way those who crave more depth and realism can choose for their games to have that. And those who'd just like a fun and less complex campaign can do so too. Oh, and shouldn't your username by wafer thin mint? As in the Monty Python-sketch? 'And finally monsieur, a wafer thin mint!' (great sketch by the way )
  11. I'd like to second the praise for that idea of yours, LiberalUK, and add that you could perhaps have a 'meter' to adjust the significance of such background personality variables. Ie. in some elections these may be more significant than in others (in particular applicable to those who make historical scenarios).
  12. K-uglen


    Nationalistisches Partei Deutschlands (NPD) is a party that have actually existed since the 60s. I picked up a book at a flea market about four years ago about them, which showed that they were very much considered a threat back then. I think they were rendered forbidden by the Verfassungsschutz-Gericht (court for consitutional protection) in the early 90s, but I'm far from certain on that one. Deutsche Volksunion (DVU) aren't that old (again, if I remember correctly), but they have been succesful in local state elections. They gained representation in the Landestag of Brandenburg a few years ago. Symbolically when their representative was about to say something on election night, in the usual party round, the representatives of all the other parties walked out in protest. The parties have less of a Nazi-baggage now than they did in the 60s. Back then they were very much concerned with not just uniting with the DDR, but also reclaiming socalled 'German' areas in western (then) Czechoslovakia and Poland (Böhmen and Preussen respectively), as well as the old problem of Alsace-Lorraine/Elsass-Lothringen on the banks of the Rhine in France. Today they are more traditional right-wing parties, in that they oppose immigration and want to 'protect German heritage and keep Germany German', as they put it on their website. Furthermore they do have very conservative thoughts on family and abortion, for instance, though these are as much akin to the rhetoric of some Republicans in the US as the 'Kinder, Kirche und Küche'-slogan (children, church and kitchen) of the Third Reich.
  13. K-uglen


    It's not very hard to add them, I'd imagine, though I haven't looked at the text files in question.
  14. K-uglen


    I'll have a stab at it: It could be for what you could term political correctness reasons? Even though NPD polled 3.5% in the election, they are very much censored by the German media and especially the political system.
  15. And, yes, it's worth buying. It's only $7 and you will, in time, get to play a lot of scenarios. For me the attraction of the German election is enough.
  16. There's an instructor playing mode included. Other than that I can't see many differences, apart from the one you mention. But that is a huge one IMHO.
  17. I just got the game, and about to have a small gander at it. Interesting how Stoiber is a stronger candidate than Merkel...
  18. Pardon my ignorance, but does that command mean you can choose crude PR (with a "0" command) rather than the German modified one?
  19. Not a lot of Liberal Democrat about FDP. They're just a Liberalist party, nothing else. Unlike the Liberal Democrats in the UK, they campaign for lower taxes and greater personal freedom. Guido Westerwelle qualifies as probably the most eel-like of any politician ever... *shudders*
  20. I hope I ordered it right, as I ordered the $7 discount, seeing as I have PMF-UK. It didn't say anywhere how to provide proof of the purchase of that, so I'm just hoping Tony can compare credit card details or something similar :s
  21. Excellent! *rubs hands* It'll be nice to play a scenario, where you feel you got more than a superficial knowledge of the campaign and its ingredients. And it opens, finally, a way for me to make a Danish scenario - which would still be different from the real system, but a far superior approximation compared to the FPTP-systems. Kudos to 80soft for this release, I'm awaiting its arrival!
  22. Me neither, as naturally a lot of news about German politics is available to me, as I live in a neighbouring country and speak the language. Angela Merkel, CDU/CSU's candidate, has used Rolling Stones' "Angie" at meetings. Some German columnists etc. have had a quiet chuckle at that, given the theme of the song's lyrics
  23. Most of the presidential elections in the US from the very first and onwards have been done, so I don't think you could say they would be too historical. Send them in!
  24. If beta testers are needed I would like to volunteer too! Though I've not heard of the institute you collaborate with, upon looking over their website they seem to be widely used, by businesses, all parties etc. Seems a good choice.
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