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  1. It is fortunate for 80soft that the campaign's swung into action so long before the primaries take place.
  2. I haven't given myself the time to play PF 2008+P before last night. The bloody game drew me in and meant I spent all night playing it! I'm sorry for the length of the post, but I felt I'd share my rediscovered joy of the game with you all. I played with medium difficulty, and chose Barack Obama. I could tell, from the opening, that his latest surge in popularity hadn't been factored into the game, so it was always going to be an almighty uphill battle against a very dominant Clinton. I was at around the 8% mark, but managed some good upsets, taking New Hampshire and California early on, whi
  3. K-uglen

    New Poltical Test

    http://www.politopia.com/image.php?P1=0&E1=-8 South-You are a Southerner-an egalitarian-which means that you advocate an increased role for the government in the economic realm. You are more or less pleased the government's role in the personal realm.
  4. K-uglen

    P4EP Bug

    I don't know if this bug has been posted, but: '1.5' is not a valid floating point value. is the error message I receive when I try to start a game as Biden on the Hard setting.
  5. Press the key Print Scrn (next to F12), open up Paint (which is in the Accessories part of Window's Start menu), paste and save. Then upload it and show us it
  6. Interesting result, I didn't think it possible to eradicate all opposition.
  7. Likewise: Gl├Ždelig jul.
  8. 'Create Now' is available on the first turn Are there any plans to make the layout more navigationable? Things I think would improve the game: - A toggle-option for percentage-points gained absolute and relative to the leader/second-placed in all of the ridings. That'd make it easier to see where one's campaign is sliding and where it's coming to the fore. - More seats on each screen. Thankfully the new map (usermade I hear?) has meant fewer ridings, but it'd still be great to have for instance six or eight ridings on each page. - In connection with that, it'd be nice to be able to toggl
  9. I had a problem with the ads. I had researched Government Ethics, and clicked on the insight to use it in an ad. Then I clicked cancel, as I wanted to check something. When I clicked my way back in, the lightbulb had gone and hence no insight for me to use I've also noticed the 'Create Now'-option going away after the first game you play. Surely an anomaly too?
  10. What LiberalUK were proposing would, could and should be made in the same manner as regionalism - an option to toggle on and off at the game starting screen. That way those who crave more depth and realism can choose for their games to have that. And those who'd just like a fun and less complex campaign can do so too. Oh, and shouldn't your username by wafer thin mint? As in the Monty Python-sketch? 'And finally monsieur, a wafer thin mint!' (great sketch by the way )
  11. I'd like to second the praise for that idea of yours, LiberalUK, and add that you could perhaps have a 'meter' to adjust the significance of such background personality variables. Ie. in some elections these may be more significant than in others (in particular applicable to those who make historical scenarios).
  12. K-uglen


    Nationalistisches Partei Deutschlands (NPD) is a party that have actually existed since the 60s. I picked up a book at a flea market about four years ago about them, which showed that they were very much considered a threat back then. I think they were rendered forbidden by the Verfassungsschutz-Gericht (court for consitutional protection) in the early 90s, but I'm far from certain on that one. Deutsche Volksunion (DVU) aren't that old (again, if I remember correctly), but they have been succesful in local state elections. They gained representation in the Landestag of Brandenburg a few years
  13. K-uglen


    It's not very hard to add them, I'd imagine, though I haven't looked at the text files in question.
  14. K-uglen


    I'll have a stab at it: It could be for what you could term political correctness reasons? Even though NPD polled 3.5% in the election, they are very much censored by the German media and especially the political system.
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