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  1. Jerzul

    Hands-off mode

    Thanks for the quick response!
  2. Jerzul

    Hands-off mode

    So one of the reasons I really love President forever was the ability to play sort of a hands-off mode. Basically, running as a third-party candidate and just holding the space bar down until it's all over. Don't get me wrong, I love to actually play through a game. But it's fun to be able to watch different candidate combinations play out quickly. I have found since I've started playing infinity that I am unable to do this effectively, the newspapers and other popups require several pushes of the space bar. This is made worse by the fact that there is no longer a way to have the primaries run weekly. I know this is probably a request much different from most here. But is there some way for me to get the experience I am looking for? Can I disable the newspapers at least? Any advice would be great! Thanks
  3. Got it, that's what I thought it meant, but I was unsure. Thanks Bear!
  4. What is the point of this? I saw Anthony's explanation: But why? Why not just adjust the poll numbers directly?
  5. So, I created my write-in party and then changed all of their primaries to be the same day (day before their "convention") and now whenever I load the game it crashes: Access violation at address 005AE18E in module 'p4e16.exe' Read of address 0000000C. Any advice would be helpful! Thanks!
  6. Thanks SANC. But otherwise they are the same?
  7. Maybe someone can help me out with this, but what is the benefit of a Rally vs Barnstorming? I know Rallies cost 2 CP's vas 1CP for Barnstorming, but beyond that? Thanks!
  8. That sounds great! I look forward to this new feature in the future. It's a great game!
  9. So I was thinking of creating a "Write-in" party for my custom scenario. Basically, a party with 0 support anywhere and probably only on the ballot in DC (the state that 99% of the time goes Dem anyway, so it shouldn't effect the outcome of the election). I wanted to do this so I could run a test game (or just a hands-off game) without adversely effecting the actual election (I remember a hands-off game as the constitution party in P4E2008 that still garnered almost 4% of the vote!). If I were just to create a hollow candidate with 0 stats (or 1 stat) in everything, would that crash the game?
  10. How is that going to effect Hillary's starting surrogates? As of now she starts with McAuliffe as an option.
  11. I remember in P4E2008 you could offer the VP slot to a candidate from another party. I once played a game where I got back-doored by the runner-up (they got endorsed by the third-place candidate right after the final primary and thus had the majority of delegates even though I led 66-33 in the polls). So I offered to be the other parties candidate VP, and then finished the game as the other candidate. We won every state, and DC. Obviously, that final result could never happen, but it was a fun game. (And full of sweet-sweet revenge!)
  12. I second the suggestion that TR be able to "switch" to Bull Moose if he loses the primary. I think this type of mechanic needs to be included so that we can better simulate TR, John Anderson in 1980, and a possible (though unlikely) Ted Cruz/Tea Party in 2016. I'm sure there might be other examples of party jumping after the primaries, but I think this would be a great function to have available to modders.
  13. I think this game suffers greatly from it's tiny base resolution. I understand that the map you are working with do not scale, but the next version of this game absolutely must have a much higher base resolution. The game is freaking tiny at my default resolution (1920x1080) and I know I can lower my resolution (and make my font smaller) to fit but doesn't this seem backwards? I don't mind doing this when I go back to playing Ceasar III or Moo2 but those games were made in the 90's! This is a brand new game! Plus, I do not understand at all why you wouldn't want it in a bigger resolution? You could put so much more on the screen without making everything tiny. Seriously, this game kind of gives me a headache (physically). To be clear I don't think the game needs a 1920 resolution setting (as many systems don't get that high), but what about a 1280x720? (Or something close to that). 270soft is a small company, but P4E2020 would benefit from higher resolution, as it is, it is highly frustrating to have to readjust my computer's settings just to play a recently developed game!
  14. Yes, they have both occured in the Wonk scenario.
  15. I have a custom scenario that I built using the Wonk scenario from the recent patch. I just added some candidates and the Green Party. Anyway, whenever the Democratic primary gets to a point where only two candidates are left (or there are three, and the third one becomes king maker), and the last one withdraws, the democrats lose like 10points in EVERY state. The Republicans don't seem to have this problem. The map literally turns Red. Sometimes the Dems can come back, sometimes they don't. This leads to my second point: The last few times I've run a spacebar game with the scenario, the election always ends in a landslide (like 500+ EV's for the winner). It almost seems as if one candidate just stops campaigning. I've even had the GOP win D.C! Which I've only seen happen when I had my Dem join the GOP ticket as VP. Any insight would be great. Thanks!
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