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  1. I emailed them, but they never got back to me.
  2. I'm a Mac OS X Developer and I was wondering if you would like to port P4E and PM4E to the Mac OS X platform. There might be a few extra customers involved and I can do all the coding.
  3. It especially comes in handy if you mimic Governor/Senate races in Louisiana (no primaries so multiple candidates can run from the same party).
  4. If they stop making all these Prime Minister Forevers the update would be out a lo t sooner!
  5. What I do about that is put Tie for governor bonus and congressional majority so the House decides something different each time...
  6. Another stupid thing they did on PM was instead of having DC (3) and Maryland (10) as 2 seperate "states", they put them together has Maryland (13)...that wouldn't even work in real life. Even if D.C. was in Maryland that would only equal one congressional district (1EV) so Maryland would have 11...plus that would open the wound that a Republican could win Washington D.C.
  7. Hopefully sometime this week, I need PRIMARIES.
  8. King


    Can we choose to have primaries on/off like Regionalism and Dynasim? That would be good....
  9. When creating a scenario, in scenario.p4e you can change the turnout...the only problem is...unless you put 0% turnout...it has no real effect outcome...just the number of votes people get...some elections get low turnout...you know those landslide looking ones...and low turnout could effect the outcome because potential supports of the winner predicted to landslide won't vote and it would result in a closer election or a win for the otherside... Thanks... King
  10. Remember to try to include superdelegates (ones that don't have to vote for the winner of their states primary at the convention) and proportional distrobution (Ex. There are 50 Delegates in a State...Candidate A gets 55%, Candidate B gets 45%...so Candidate A gets 27.5 delegates while Candidate B gets 22.5 delegates)
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