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  1. Also interesting to me were the issues results. Immigration-border first at 82%, election integrity 79%, religious freedom 75%, federal debt-deficit 74%, gun rights 74%.
  2. If I'm correct that attendees were disproportionately Religious Right (and I might be wrong), Pence's results are interesting. He came 10th, just behind Donald Trump Jr.
  3. OK, I believe the straw poll being referenced was the Western Conservative Summit straw poll. https://centennial.ccu.edu/western-conservative-summit/ My impression is this is right of the GOP centre, emphasizing Religious Right types and with some MAGA and Tea Party aspects. Lauren Boebert, Ken Buck, and Lila Rose were a few of the speakers at the summit. The question was who the summit attendees would 'approve of' as a party nominee, it wasn't choose one only. https://www.newsweek.com/ron-desantis-edges-out-trump-president-straw-poll-western-conservative-summit-1602375
  4. Maybe, but I think a lot of the reaction to Palin was how she handled herself once selected as the Veep nominee. More substance and style would have helped her - IMHO Noem has more of both. But yes, you're right that Noem will be painted as terrible by the MSM in an attempt to get her loathed by moderates, whatever she does.
  5. Now that I'm thinking about it, DeSantis and Noem both have Gubernatorial and Congressional experience.
  6. What's the Palin trap? Do you mean young Gov. who isn't up to speed on national issues? I agree with @jvikings1 that Noem is smarter than Palin, though.
  7. I think this just might be a strong ticket, but Noem is older than DeSantis by 7 years!
  8. At this point, I'd agree with you. But you never know what will happen in the course of a nomination campaign. A lot of people look good until the boxing match starts. Ya, same here. When evaluating primaries (or leadership battles in my country), I'm trying to figure out who would actually be the best at running the country. I find 'electability' arguments always a bit tricky - a lot of people who seem 'electable' aren't really, and some that don't seem electable are.
  9. Link? I'd vote DeSantis over Trump at this point. Big points are DeSantis seems more executively competent, is leading the charge on various issues, but at the same time he's not as abrasive as Trump (although the 'polarizing' attribute will increase with an increased national spotlight from an ideologically hostile MSM, who will make him out to be polarizing whatever he might do). My advice to the GOP - get a competitive primaries, and figure out how to keep the candidates from mauling each other too badly. Not a simple task normally, a seemingly remotely plausible task if Trump is
  10. It should say your Barnstorming power when you schedule the activity.
  11. That's interesting - not surprised.
  12. No, but I will say that one of the things slowing things down is that the port involved moving >100K lines of code from C++ to C#. Now, I am working with multiple core parts of the game engine (Percentages class, Seats class, a new Polls class that is replacing the old Polls class). Sometimes, the code really needs to be rewritten how it should be in C# 8.0 (latest Unity compatible version) instead of C++ 1998 (yes, it was that bad with the old tools). This improves my understanding of what's happening with the code, and simply improves the code base. I just refactored the Seats class,
  13. Replacing the Polling system is an extensive change requiring a lot of back-end changes, since the way %s were generated before was integrated with various parts of the game.
  14. I like Nate Silver, he's a great example of a really smart, data-oriented guy who surrounds himself with people who largely share his political biases and so gets things wrong. But as far as MSM-friendly data-oriented political prognosticators, he does a pretty good job. So whenever I read something from him, I simply read it with that in mind. Did you have a link for that quote? It sounds like it's part of a larger post(?).
  15. I agree with you that I doubt Trump will run, but I don't believe you have to be a resident of a district to run for that district - just a resident of the state. He could run for any district in FL. "a resident of the state by the date of the general election. (A candidate running for U.S. House is not required to be a resident of the congressional district in which the candidate is seeking election.)" https://www.ncsbe.gov/candidates/filing-candidacy/general-candidate-requirements
  16. I think this is right - Murkowski is a slippery fish.
  17. Right, if McCarthy were to fight, who would win a Speakership contest?
  18. I think this is the fundamental question. Would it help him in 2024? My guess is you're right, and his best tactic is to focus solely on helping in 2022 and then the Presidency in 2024.
  19. This is a good point. It would have to be a significant enough majority to avoid defections due to his polarizing style.
  20. It's not up to McCarthy. It's up to the GOP members in the House, no?
  21. My guess is he would only run in a district with a large R majority.
  22. I agree, but he would be going from a Former President to Speaker of the House - certainly, it would afford him more opportunities to stay in the limelight.
  23. At this point, it seems the chances Dems will control the Senate are fairly high. So if the Reps did win the House, not only would they be at odds with the WH, they would also have to deal with a hostile Sen.
  24. Right, it means he would actually have to run the House. Better to let proxies do that while after 2022 he focuses on 2024?
  25. Right, this is part of the implausible part. The House could easily impeach, but just as with Trump who was impeached twice, it doesn't mean removal. What's a best-case scenario for Republicans in 2022 for the Senate? Maybe 54-46?
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