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  1. You get that prompt and then what happens?
  2. Anyone had the experience of user campaigns being deleted (without meaning to delete them) in President Infinity v. 1.x?
  3. Fun days - it was amazing the number of people who voted for Buchanan in FL.
  4. Can you say what the problem is here?
  5. Veeps have 2 main aspects. Their personal attributes, and any regional % bonuses they bring with them. Being bipartisan doesn't matter.
  6. Australia is now using counter-terrorism legislation to crack down on protesters.
  7. Hmmm ... I've noted this, and will review the relevant code. It could just be a fluke, or it could be a bug in the latest version. Thanks for this.
  8. Nothing like Big Tech colluding with governments.
  9. This MP is hallucinating. Not sure what he's talking about.
  10. This doesn't look at all like tyranny to me. Just police opening fire on protesters in Australia.
  11. Still waiting for the tyranny in Australia. Glad it's not happening yet, to 70 year old women in this case.
  12. 1.1.4 is released, has been for about 2 weeks while I waited to see if anyone had significant problems with it. https://270soft.com/2021/09/21/president-infinity-2021-v-1-1-4/
  13. (and Elizabeth May, the previous Green Party leader, who relocated to a winnable riding before becoming the 1st Green MP awhile back)
  14. Good point! Just like Singh relocated to a winnable riding. Would also help with his English.
  15. This is the thread for noting what has been done on the next update. The next update might be a Congress Infinity 2022 update.
  16. Everything is basically the same. The only real differences are that the Greens got 1/3 the % they got the previous election (6.5% -> 2.3%) and the People's Party got 3x the vote of the previous election (1.6% -> 5.1%).
  17. As I predicted, Trudeau wins. But in a completely unnecessary election he called in order to get a majority, he gets fewer votes than in 2019, is still in a minority, and gets almost 2% fewer votes than the 2nd place party. He then claims he has a mandate.
  18. It's a bit over the top. But the point is certainly valid. Beto has certainly spooked a significant % of people who support the 2nd Amendment. Probably won't help him win. But ya, @PoliticalPundit treat people how you would someone you're talking to face to face, please.
  19. My guess is Beto's run against Cruz is the high mark of his political career. It was a good run, but still fell short. I think replicating the enthusiasm of that run will be difficult.
  20. No ETA or promise it will be added. But it makes sense as something to add when testing the PMI Editor.
  21. This campaign might be added retroactively, once PMI is being worked on again. Just didn't have time for it this time around.
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