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  1. Fixed a bug where Vice-Leaders weren't Barnstorming.
  2. Definitely a lot more that could be done with conventions ... we'll see. Thanks for these ideas. The CD method is tricky because of the architecture of the game (requires simultaneous elections at two tiers - you have to simulate the CDs each as fundamental regions and then also the state as an abstract region, so you'd have to effectively add a bunch of 'states'), but it might be worth adding.
  3. No plans to update Interviews for 2021. Ideology and Ambition modify how likely a candidate is to withdraw from or enter the primaries. One in the general election, no effect.
  4. Interview button on the Spin Screen now more clearly a button, and only appears when an interview is available.
  5. Are you clicking the Interviews button on the News page? I actually think I'm going to modify this - too many people don't realize there's a button there to click.
  6. Right now all the work is being done for President Infinity 2021. If you already have that, you will get these as a free update. But it's pretty close. I'm simply slowing down and doing some much needed work to bring the port up to standards. After this one is released (don't expect it any earlier than a couple months), Congress Infinity 2022 will be the next update.
  7. @IndependentPerson Lots of good ideas. Accepting a debate is something I have considered - it might happen. My guess is there will be an official 2000 campaign at some point. 2024 is planned, but not until after the mid-terms. Yes, K4E uses a MMP system.
  8. Adding travel lines to the Map again.
  9. Modifying how selecting the location for Activities works. Instead of having to click the Travel button, then click an activity, the activity just sets the location according to the map. But you can also click the Travel button and then click a location if you just want to travel.
  10. Here's how the Republican primaries look as well. With the Dem primaries, since everything is PR, there's no difference between the top chart half-circle and bottom, but you can see how some of Trump's support is solid (Winner-Take-All states where he's ahead by a large margin) and some is PR (lighter shade, as well as UT on this map) in the Republican primaries.
  11. You can see a few more changes to the Main Screen UI. The date and days left have been moved from the region info area (right) to the top-left. There is now a row for various buttons above the chart. Most obviously, you can see the Calendar all the time on the Main Screen, instead of having to click the Activities button (which no longer exists).
  12. Debating whether to leave the Calendar in for 1 day/turn mode.
  13. The discussions? If they were deleted, no, I don't think it's possible to retrieve them.
  14. I was unhappy with various things with the old Main Screen. The first thing you'll probably notice is the new seats chart. Next, you can see the action buttons are now on the left. There's no Activities Button, because the activity buttons are now all shown on the Main Screen all the time. This makes game play quicker. The activity buttons are also now in the same part of the screen as the actor portrait (in this case, Donald Trump, but could be a VP nominee or Surrogate). The region selected is now displayed at the top-right of the screen (used to be under the map), and next to it is the region's flag (used to be top-left of the map). There are a few other minor changes you might notice. I'm still fine-tuning the Main Screen UI, but having fun using it so far.
  15. Will post a screenshot of the new Main Screen UI soon.
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