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  1. Not talking about economic socialism (or 'Marxism') - talking about cultural Marxism. Different thing.
  2. Ya, perhaps. Bernier is trying to channel a national populist movement into the PPC, but also adding in his own libertarian style, which just doesn't work that well. The NDP is already economically populist and has working class roots. It has nationalist strands, although it's not that prominent. Just tone down the cultural Marxism and yer good to go! When Dems are successful in the states, it's usually by emphasizing the economically populist aspects of their policies, and despite their cultural Marxism-identity politics stuff.
  3. A national populist movement in Canada.
  4. No, but they're an interesting party. Bernier was in the debates, and had some strong moments. We'll see if they can gain some traction between now and the next one. But I think starting another party is a quixotic quest. As happened with Reform, the best outcome it seems to me is eventually it merges with the Conservatives. Much better to influence another party from the inside. Honestly, the NDP might be a better fit for that than the Cons.
  5. Wasn't impressed by Scheer, haven't been impressed by O'Toole. In terms of personable-ness, I think Singh was the strongest of the big 5 in the last election. Trudeau just comes across to me as fake. In fact, the most important part of his resume before becoming PM might have been teaching drama class!
  6. I believe basically everything is now done for the next release. Now testing.
  7. Fair enough - right now I'm focusing on PI, though. After that, CI. Trump very well may be leading the Republican charge in trying to take back Congress for the next 1.5 years. I'd be happy to talk more about Trudeau or Johnson, TBH (and by that, I mean talk about how Trudeau is a buffoon and Johnson is acting like a tyrant!). But, the focus is on PI!
  8. I'm not sure what you're getting out of general discussion on the forum. You seem not to like to think about or hear discussion of Trump (perhaps unless it's negative). My guess is Trump isn't going away at least for a couple of years, probably not until another kick at the can in 2024, and if he wins of course not for some time after that. Horse race talk for the foreseeable future will probably centre around Trump. So perhaps avoid these sorts of threads for the time being?
  9. Still no idea what you're talking about. Are you talking about people receiving bans for personal attacks? People being asked to stop discussing things when the discussion starts getting off the tracks? Please be clear and concise.
  10. Pepper, I put it on my plate! Still no idea what you're talking about.
  11. I think Kamala (despite the fake, overdone laugh) has more 'likability' than H. Clinton. H. Clinton on paper was a strong candidate (Senator, 2008 runner up, SoS), but she lacked strength in some of the soft skills which are often the most important for pols.
  12. No, I haven't. Not sure what you're referring to. I encourage multiple views on these sorts of subjects. Someone want to chime in and say Trump has no chance of winning the Rep nom, and perhaps (say) Haley is actually the frontrunner? I'd be interested in a take like that.
  13. Yes - to be clear, following the Republican 2024 horse race is relevant simply because it is perhaps the most important variable at this point for a potential 2024 campaign.
  14. I hardly ever talk about Biden.
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