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  1. Yes, a lot of them are going to be either living at home or renting a room in a house or apartment, such that rent costs are lower than for many other people. Again, the average number cited above while renting a room in a 3-bdrm apartment seems completely doable on $1300 a month.
  2. Sounds like they've got the pro-Trump conspiracy theories covered, CNN has the anti-Trump ones covered!
  3. @vcczar Which conspiracy theories has OANN been promoting?
  4. Many of those news outlets promote conspiracy theories, like "Trump won the 2016 election by conspiring with Russia." In fact, it's quite common that they promote conspiracy theories related to Trump. (It also doesn't mean the conspiracy theories are incorrect.)
  5. You're certainly right that in more expensive markets, it's a no go without subsidized apartments or what have you (which, of course, includes many apartments). But not sure where you're getting your numbers on this. According to here https://www.statista.com/statistics/1063502/average-monthly-apartment-rent-usa/#statisticContainer average for 3 bdr is $1,284 = $428 per month per renter. That means half of the rents are less than this per person. Totally doable on $1,300 per month per person for a large part of the country.
  6. Working minimum wage = $600 per week. If you get $300 per week if not working anyways, then you are effectively working for an additional $300 per week, i.e., $7.50 per hour, half of minimum wage. Note that if you're not working, you can be doing all sorts of other things. For some, it might make more sense to take the $300 and invest their time in something else. People can live off $15,600 per year. Consider if 3 people do this and share an apartment. In many places, that's more than enough for rent + food + etc.
  7. Any cultural weapon will be adopted by your opponents - it just sometimes takes awhile. Boycotting businesses? Your businesses are going to get boycotted. 'Canceling' political opponents? You're going to start getting canceled. I think what you call 'interparty diversity' is just that political parties in the U.S. are virtual coalitions, due to the duopoly state of things in much U.S. politics. What's happening with Cheney reflects a shift in relative power of some of the virtual parties that make up the Republican coalition, and was also reflected in the NeverTrump movement and various p
  8. Steam is a possibility now that the game is migrated to a Unity-based front-end. But porting to Steam isn't a priority when the basic game isn't done. So once 2021 is finalized, I'll be looking at Steam distribution more closely.
  9. Chance of Insight from a Poll is (Polls attribute - Margin of Error) * 5 So if your Polls attribute 10, and the MoE is +-3, your chance of an insight from that poll is 10-3=7*5=35%. If you Polls attribute is 3, and the MoE is +-2, your chance of an insight from that poll is 3-2=1*5=5%.
  10. Ya, I would be surprised if both DeSantis and Trump ran, and DeSantis started launching attacks on Trump. As in 2020, Trump is a Fmr. President and much liked throughout the party. For that to happen, something would have to change significantly.
  11. @Sunnymentoaddict Have to wonder who would be a significant challenger from the right. In certain ways, it's tough to outflank him.
  12. Ya, he had 2 significant challengers in 2020, both of whom fizzled out. At this point, I would say he's in a significantly weaker position than in 2020. One thing that could change that would be more, hard evidence that the results in, say, AZ or GA aren't right.
  13. CA's state population has decreased for the first time ever. Net loss of 182,000. People fled the state in 2020. https://apnews.com/article/california-health-immigration-coronavirus-pandemic-d4df0f6a2eef7a3dc4a6d27c65df7b84
  14. @daons I don't think there's a limit in terms of the code logic. But there will be a limit in terms of memory for a given computer, so this will vary. To test it, I would recommend just making the number of regions you want with dummy data, and seeing if it works.
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