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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans out there! Probably have an update next week.
  2. 10s should be pretty rare. If you are creating a candidate that is all 10s, this sounds realistic to me. Yes, sorting election night results is planned to be added.
  3. Years in the Editor are limited to between 1 and 9999. This is a C# limit with their native date class. Seems kind of strange to me. To allow years outside of that means changing the code everywhere the native date class is used in the game. So if you want to do a Roman Republic 509 B.C. campaign, you'll have to just use the corresponding positive number for now.
  4. What is buggy about the Editor in 3.1.1?
  5. No, but that version is no longer being worked on. My suggestion is install 3.3.x, and try out the Veep editing there. The Editor in 3.3.x is currently being expanded.
  6. Although not singling out anyone in particular, this is a personal attack on various people. This is a warning - no more, please.
  7. Yes, it's possible. We'll see. Perhaps mention it again when I'm implementing the new Editor's Events Screen.
  8. Ah, I see what you're saying. Yes, and that is the sort of way the AI would have to change. Basically, create a number that is how many votes likely to flip instead of whether will flip or keep 1st place in state.
  9. I'm not sure I follow this. Could you rephrase?
  10. If Classic is too slow, 1. Make sure autosave is turned off. Will significantly slow down games. 2. Try turning off candidates. For example, if you are starting in primaries with 20+ candidates turned on, turn some of them off. 3. Interested in more specific feedback on v. 3.3.x. Why is it more difficult to navigate? What bugs are you experiencing?
  11. Yes, election night could use some tweaking. Feedback noted - thanks for this.
  12. Ya, this sort of request has been made often. It's tricky to do given the extremely open ended nature of campaigns, in a way that isn't entirely formulaic but still easy to implement for a campaign designer.
  13. First is filling out Leader and Party editing. Then Region editing. Charts probably come once the Editor is substantially done.
  14. ... and perhaps some more.
  15. Editor Leader More Screen has Funds, Goals, PAC, Veeps.
  16. Editor > Leaders > More Button enabled.
  17. Click the Ballot icon on the Electoral Vote Info Screen.
  18. To mod it will require the Regions > Parties screen be added. By default, he won't be on all ballots in the official campaign for any start date, but a player can try to get him on more ballots.
  19. Do you mean can you mod the campaign to have him start on all 50 states? Or do you mean the official campaign starts with him on all states?
  20. Editor > Leaders > added Move Up and Move Down buttons to reorder candidates within a party.
  21. I think he'll by default start with just the ones he actually was on.
  22. Editor now confirms you want to exit before closing.
  23. Adding Kanye and expanding the Editor as I do so.
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