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  1. Ya, the most painful part is the jabs to inject the freezing agent, and then after it wears off ... Hope you're feeling well now ...!
  2. @Patine Please block this user, and @Supreme Incompetent Leader consider doing likewise.
  3. I already have. If it happens again, let me know.
  4. This is a good idea - maybe I'll do it! Seriously, I didn't design 2020, and probably won't design 2024. I really don't want bias in the campaign, and seek feedback to balance any designer biases (which always exist).
  5. A lot harder than pulling teeth!
  6. Yep. This was a doozy, but it's now pretty close.
  7. I'm not asking you to read computer programming manuals.
  8. No, you need to edit down your comments if you want me to read them. You post a lot.
  9. If it happens again, please call my attention to it.
  10. Just completed first general election game, Trump vs. Biden, where Favorability is no longer used to determine %s and momentum is applied to Voting Blocs. Ran perfectly - a few more functions related to this have to be implemented and patched over (such as direct % changes from leader region bonuses).
  11. @PoliticalPundit Again, political discussion related to the game or game development is fine. If it gets too off the tracks, I'll probably rein it in.
  12. No. Block him, if you haven't already. If he continues to tag you, let me know.
  13. This isn't a general population sample. It's a Trump voters sample. https://www.suffolk.edu/news-features/news/2021/02/22/01/51/suffolk-poll-shows-trump-voters-would-favor-new-trump-party-more-than-gop
  14. Interesting numbers from recent Suffolk. Do you want Trump to run in 2024? Yes: 59% No: 29% Undecided: 12% Would you vote for him in the GOP primary if he ran in 2024? Yes: 76% No: 12% Undecided: 12% Would you vote for him in the general? Yes: 85% No: 8% Undecided: 7% This tracks my intuitions about Trump. Although a strong majority want him to run, there's a significant proportion who would support him in the primaries if he ran but don't really want him to run (17% according to the poll numbers).
  15. What won't be changed? I believe Dominion is used on a state by state basis, so up to the states? Here, we just use paper ballots. I would recommend that for every jurisdiction.
  16. I can't block you as I am admin. Please cease and desist.
  17. No one has to answer your questions. If they ignore you, take it as feedback.
  18. Ya, at this point it's not clear Biden will be running again. I think he *wants* to run again, but he's already in obvious cognitive decline. 3 years from now? But you're right - 2024 will to some degree be a referendum on the previous 4 years. My guess is Republican-held state legislatures are going to make significant moves to do what they can to tighten up voting standards.
  19. Well, at least you've gone from "a few fringe theories" to "as though I have said outright this theory is incorrect" Keep going! But seriously - I can't block you, I'm the admin here. You don't seem to like me, and that's fine - in politics, lots of people aren't compatible. But perhaps you should just ignore the main threads where political discussion sometimes comes up. This sort of back and forth isn't sustainable or healthy.
  20. Good example of how humans can refuse to change beliefs in light of countervailing evidence.
  21. Trump will be headlining, Pence won't even appear. That tells you a bit about the current trajectory of the Republican party. Since Trump only gets 2 terms, it might actually be to his benefit to coincide his 2nd term with Republican majorities in both the House and Senate. If he could do that (a huge 'if', of course), delaying his 2nd term might actually be to his benefit. My guess is, that's what he's thinking, and he's going to be working very hard to bring that about through 2022 and 2024. I think Trump winning the primaries is likely at this point (barring any significant declin
  22. @Patine Since you seem to think this is a 'fringe theory', here's a recent link. https://dailycaller.com/2021/02/21/matt-pottinger-wuhan-lab-china/ The Fmr. Deputy NSA says "the evidence that the coronavirus resulted from human error in a Chinese lab “far outweighs” other theories" and the current NSA "cast doubt on a forthcoming report on the World Health Organization’s investigation in Wuhan into the origins of the virus" and has "accused the Chinese government of withholding raw data from investigators." They're not joking, and neither am I.
  23. They actually got that part right.
  24. Dude, you're welcome to think whatever you want. They're my views. Peace.
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