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  1. Not going to switch horses right now - but we'll see.
  2. Ya, GA also possibly close Senate race.
  3. Ya, looks like Horgan's internal polling suggested he could call a snap election and win an outright majority. Now he doesn't need to rely on Green support to pass legislation. Liberals' signature issue was to me a bit perplexing - get rid of the PST for a year? Oh, OK ...
  4. Not that I'm aware of. This seems to be a common complaint with the forum software I'm using - not able to block completely.
  5. If you want to communicate this sentiment to other users, you can do so without making these sorts of public attacks. Please refrain from attacking other users.
  6. Good point, NE-2 + IA. 2 swing regions and 1 close Senate race.
  7. Now that would be interesting - loses a blue wall state but wins GA.
  8. Ya, but could be 268 -> 269 or 269 -> 270. I'm guessing that's the logic.
  9. Remember around this time in 2016 when Trump had to deploy Pence to UT?
  10. Mon. > Trump > Rally > PA (x3) Tu. > Trump > Rally > MI, WI, NE
  11. It's tricky. Really depends on early voting vs. election day voting trends. Unprecedented situation, so tough to say.
  12. These numbers are interesting. RNC has been posting these sorts of numbers for awhile. Take them with a grain of salt, but at Trump rallies looking at ~20-25% not Republican, ~30% did not vote in 2016.
  13. Unless it is a significant win either way, I think this is right.
  14. I do not find college grads have this to a large degree.
  15. Law and medicine simply require that you go through university - they have professional organizations that control the flow of people into it and you can't be a lawyer or doctor without going to university. (I don't think this is quite true - I think in some places you can simply challenge the bar exam, or whatever it's called.) For something like a GP, not sure how important abilities that would translate to a high SAT score are. There's some applicability, for sure. Good bed-side manner, good listening skills, sympatico with values, ... a good dose of common-sense. Of course o
  16. No, they need to have some familiarity with math. But for the vast majority of coding positions, it's no higher than high school level algebra.
  17. My guess is the reason people think of these quite differently is that they view humans as morally quite different from other animals.
  18. Can't read the article - behind a paywall. But response rates are not the same as hiding preferences. Just 2 different categories.
  19. Varying degrees of anonymity. They have your phone number, IP (you'd be a fool to think you're anonymous if someone has your IP), or what have you. Some have name, and various demographic data. Also, it's not necessarily a 'lie'. The pollster is asking their intention, and they say what their 'intention' is. But intentions are different from how someone actually votes, and the latter is often driven by factors people aren't even aware of. For example, people often look around to justify what they really want to do, and this is called the 'false because'. In the meantime, they don't reveal
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