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  1. Usually, it's because of copyright issues and or quality of any images available.
  2. A Star Control campaign, now that is an idea ...
  3. https://www.gog.com/game/star_control_i_ii
  4. Everything you need to know about insulting someone you can learn from the Pkunk in Star Control II.
  5. You mean regional % bonuses for a given candidate? That's in PI, but when the game switched to Favorability, the % changes no longer worked properly. That's part of what I'm working on right now.
  6. Ya, could have more nuanced Endorser effects. We'll see.
  7. To some extent that is captured by Endorsers. However, there's no scandal aspect to Endorsers - interesting idea.
  8. 1. Version will be 2021.1.0, not 3.3.7. 2. It's turning into a significant update on the backend. Whether that will translate into significant differences on the frontend is another question, but my goal is faster turns and better save-load.
  9. I don't give a definitive ETA for almost anything.
  10. Each Voting Bloc Combo has a % alienated, and those can be flipped to undecided (then leaning, then committed). I could review the code currently, but I believe alienated's in the current system can move into a leader's column.
  11. Updated Unity to the latest version. It now uses C# 8.0, which is a nice improvement over C# 7. One aspect of C# where I wondered why they didn't do it right, but that they took from C++, was the switch statement. I've always found the switch statement clunky, and was surprised they left the syntax the same. Behold, C# 8.0 introduced a switch expression which is a switch statement done right for the common case of (among other things) assigning a value based on a variable. Here's a switch statement as it was written in C# 7. and here's the same functionality with a swi
  12. Yes, each Voting Blocs has a platform that can be set. Note this is then combined with other platforms to create a composite for a Voting Bloc Combo.
  13. Yes. In this case a designer might want to create 2 Voting Blocs in the Ethnic Voting Bloc Category, Cuban-Hispanics and Mexican-Hispanics, say, or something like that. Alternately, have the Florida Voting Bloc modify the general Hispanic Voting Bloc.
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