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  1. Not a specific crime. Rather a class of crimes ('high crimes'). Which specific crime?
  2. Not sure why that happened. Meant to be @Conservative Elector 2 .
  3. Every President has asked for help from a foreign power, and every President has had quid pro quo's. Those aren't crimes. Which specific crime was committed?
  4. Which specific crime was that?
  5. If you think Biden's honest ...
  6. Sa. > Biden, Obama > MI > Rally. Trump is there Fri. This suggests both campaigns believe state is closer than public polling ave.
  7. Dunno. Certainly Gingrich and Trump are populists, which often involves anti-intellectualism to varying degrees.
  8. I think there's something to this. Not surprisingly, Trump studied Gingrich's 2012 run. Also not surprisingly, Gingrich led the second impeachment in U.S. history. But I would see Gingrich as more a symptom than anything else.
  9. Trump approval 52% vs. Obama 47% at this point in cycle (both according to Rasmussen, take it with a grain of salt).
  10. Fri. > Trump > Rally > MI, WI, MN.
  11. "He got in my way, so I took him out!"
  12. Coarsening of discourse. Talking about 'lock her up', '25th amendment'. Mass assassination attempt on House members playing baseball. Pelosi talking about Republicans being 'enemies of the state'. Rise of celebrity culture and actors becoming politicians (Reagan, Schwarzenegger, Ventura, Trump, who am I missing?). Outgoing admin setting in motion entrapment of incoming NSA. Off-hand.
  13. Th. > Trump > Rally > FL, NC.
  14. Trump > Rally > AZ (x2) The first is in Bullhead City, however, which is right on the border between AZ and NV.
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