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  1. Not surprised. Another sign of the degeneration of the republic IMHO is the politicization of judicial nominees.
  2. That's interesting - I'm wondering if they were limited by available parking space.
  3. You're reading that into the response. Again, go easy.
  4. Sure, worth taking it with a bit of skepticism.
  5. The numbers the RNC are putting out re Trump rallies are interesting. MI rally today, claiming > 50% of people there not Republicans.
  6. Trump -> NV tonight after MI, WI, NE rallies. Not clear if there is an event in NV. Tomorrow Trump > Rally > AZ (x2).
  7. Also possible is internal reallocation and so misleading, Trump campaign and RNC are coordinating ad buys - don't know. Can't read article as behind paywall.
  8. Yes, my guess is they feel confident in FL, now reallocating resources to other states.
  9. admin_270


    Abstract expressionist ASCII art?
  10. Really don't know. I would be prepared for it to go on for weeks, but expect it to be pretty clear after a few days.
  11. How many drive-in rallies has Biden been having - anyone know?
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