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  1. Hi Purple Dreamer, Thanks for the feedback - I know that our customer service can be slow sometimes, and apologize for the inconvenience. A few things in particular: 1. You should have received an e-mail automatically, stating it takes up to 5 business days to respond. 2. Most customers can re-download updates immediately. You're a special case, because your e-mail address isn't in the system. I have followed up with you by e-mail. 3. We're under a heavy load right now, due to Congress Forever 2010. Things are moving a little slow on the customer service front. We're doing the best we ca
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  2. You know it works nearly instantly for most people? Are you certain you gave your correct e-mail address?
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  3. I understand why you guys handle patches/requests for redownload the way you do, to cut down on piracy, I'd imagine... But I submitted a request for a link to the latest version of PF2008+Primaries THREE DAYS AGO. If you're not going to make your patches available where people can find them, at least you could bother to answer your emails on this subject. You can't have it both ways unless you really are looking to piss off potential customers. I WAS thinking about PMF 2010 and Congress Forever. After waiting three days with no response to an email requesting a link to a patch you don't
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