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  1. Finally got around to trying ToddsPaddington today Treas. My first reaction to discovering that it was single member region was dissapointment as I had not enjoyed this when it was done elsewhere, with Yukon for instance. However, it made a pleasant change and made the game easier to follow. Given that the campaign was 12 weeks long, there was never any point to targetting seats as you could be sure that by the end of the campaign each riding would have 9 or 10 footies. Barnstorming was a bit of a waste of time as well. So was fundraising, with no prospect of ever running out of funds. It was tough with the prospect of getting hit by any one of your three opponents high. On the general fantasy theme, as far as I was concerned, I would have preferred to have had the familiarity of the geography I know. As for the leaders, it looks as though you wandered down the hall of mirrors again with each party being led by various squashed faced celebs. For me, it also detracts from a scenario when you have a party like UKIP being led by Victor Meldrew. It was also very confusing having Labour led by a prominent Tory. Although I didn't particularly like the bogus leaders and the fantasy element, I think there is a lot in this scenario to get stuck into, with the possibilities of playing the game with or without the various add ons (media linked regions, events, endorsers etc) to make me come back to it a few times. Looking forward to your next historical, non-leadership, non-by-election scenario.
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