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  2. Do you play major candidates or minor ones. The minor ones (like third parties) might have a difficult time getting interviews. How about your momentum? Higher momentum will bring more interviews, its seems. Do you go after endorsements? Do you raise your momentum with ads?
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  4. Played by human. I didn't even pay attention to it. You're right, smth needs to change.
  5. Are you clicking the Interviews button on the News page? I actually think I'm going to modify this - too many people don't realize there's a button there to click.
  6. Right now all the work is being done for President Infinity 2021. If you already have that, you will get these as a free update. But it's pretty close. I'm simply slowing down and doing some much needed work to bring the port up to standards. After this one is released (don't expect it any earlier than a couple months), Congress Infinity 2022 will be the next update.
  7. Are we +50% of the way to the next update King Anthony? My wallet's on fire, ready to shell out that moola for that sweet, sweet new update!
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  9. vjw

    Saskatchewan 1944

    I'm currently working on carrying the '44 scenario to a new engine. I started work today, and it's going confidently! If you still have Saskguy's contacts, write to me. I'll be grateful.
  10. Comparing the new and the old engine, I noticed that I as the player lacks an interview. While other leaders communicate with the press and get a momentum, mine one goes unnoticed. What happened?
  11. Abortion C Allow careful legislation to further regulate late-term and partial-birth abortions. Keep Planned Parenthood. Business Policy R: Trickle-down economics rules. Reduce taxes and remove barriers to economic growth and wealth creation. China CL Our trade with China is fine. Focus more on human rights. Corruption CR The Democrats are more corrupt than the Republicans COVID-19 CL: COVID-19 is a major concern. Limited opening as conditions improve. Slowly open back up as conditions improve but listen to the science on the coronavirus. Coordinate with governors to achieve what is practically a national mask mandate. Cuba R: Stand fast, and maintain the embargo. We must not capitulate, or compromise in the fight for democracy. D.C. Statehood CL: The people of D.C deserve at least representation in the House of Representatives. Defense Spending CR The military needs additional funding, but not all future and current weapon systems are required. Economy C The economy is doing well, some of that credit is Obama's, some is Trump's. Education CR School vouchers for lower-income students. Privatize failing schools. Charter schools provide competition. Emphasize trade schools. Electoral Reform C Gerrymandering reform, but no other dramatic changes to our electoral processes. Voter-verified paper audit trail. Energy CL 50% of electricity from clean energy sources within a decade. Subsidize renewables and end oil company subsidies. Cut oil use significantly by 2025. New legislation to limit off-shore drilling. Environment CL We need to leave a healthy environment for our children. Work to reduce emissions and harmful toxins. Return to Paris Accord. Free Trade R Over the long run, free trade helps the U.S. and the world. Don't worry too much about reciprocal free trade, just get cheaper goods. Government Spending CR We need to curb spending in order to balance the budget. Respect taxpayers' dollars. Gun Control R Gun ownership is constitutionally protected. Allow people to fight back by getting rid of gun free zones. Increase security and training. Healthcare CR Repeal and replace Obamacare. Keep provision on pre-existing conditions. Protect Medicare. Homeland Security CR: Homeland security is an important priority. Focus on fighting terrorism but also provide disaster relief funding. Require warrants in most cases, but allow room for warrantless activity in exigent circumstances. Immigrtion CR Open borders and open crime are not an option. Trump sometimes goes too far. Extend DACA. Israel FR: Support Israel's right to exist through diplomacy. Avoid military entanglements as we have no vital interests there. Keystone Pipeline CR: Get the Keystone Pipeline built as it will create jobs. Support in-progress pipeline projects. LGBT Rights C Defend all existing federal protections for LGBT. Prefer any future laws on the subject to be made by the states. Military Intervention CR We should intervene when our national interests are threatened. Minimum Wage R Minimum wage laws don't work very well. Lower the federal minimum wage, and trust the free market to generate high-paying jobs. Native Americans CR: What we did to the Natives was terrible, but what can we do? It's in the past, too late to change it now. Native Hawaiians Center: The Akaka Bill must be considered by Congress in order to make right by our past. North Korea R We should launch a pre-emptive attack on North Korea and destroy all potential nuclear sites. Offshore Drilling CR We need to use the resources we have, there is oil in our coast and we should make it available. Partisanship R The Radical Left has made it clear that they don't want to work with us! We must return the favor. Puerto Rico CL The people of Puerto Rico support statehood. It is time to give them that. They deserve representation in the House and in the Senate. Racial Injustice R We need to get the government out of the discussion on race, and accept that even as racism exists, it will always exist. You cannot regulate away racism with big government! Role of Government R The smaller and less activist the Government, the better the country. Local control when possible. Russia R Russia is a growing threat on the world stage! We need an influx of troops into Europe to form a clear wall against Russia, and we need all options on the table. Russian Interference CR The Special Counsel did what they were supposed to do by indicting Russians for interference, and now we should move on. The House investigations are partisan politics. There's no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia. Russia is the U.S.'s number one geopolitical opponent, but we should work with them where we can. Social Security CR Let workers privately invest some of their retirement payments. Student Debt CR Remove current forgiveness policies, but consider national service or other work-based alternatives as a way for forgiving loans. Supreme Court Nominations CR Replace existing justices with conservative-leaning swing judges. Tax Rates R Major tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations to spur economic growth via trickle-down. Look into flat tax. Trump Support CL Continue investigations of Trump in the House, but be careful. Possible impeachment. Unions CR Unions are undermining our economy - support right to work legislation. Venezuela FR Launch a CIA backed coup against Maduro! Wall Street FR The Federal Reserve should be abolished! Wall Street should be audited. War on Drugs L Legalize soft drugs, and consider the legalization of other drugs - decrease spending on Drug War. War on Terrorism C We must focus on terrorist cells, not Syria. Civil liberties are important.
  12. @IndependentPerson Lots of good ideas. Accepting a debate is something I have considered - it might happen. My guess is there will be an official 2000 campaign at some point. 2024 is planned, but not until after the mid-terms. Yes, K4E uses a MMP system.
  13. Thank you! I liked the lines!
  14. Say, @Anthony_270, you could try meeting some of those guys and getting good pictures of them. That way, nobody can claim copyright out of your photos.
  15. Also, does K4E use the MMP system? Shouldn't there be more events for the 2020 scenario? Will there be an official 2000 scenario or 2024 scenario? (2000 maybe too far-fetched, and it is a bit too early for 2024, though).
  16. BTW, if anyone hates it when it takes 10 CPs to make a surrogate, they can go to the files. I remember making a satire scenario (though I gave it up), where you required only 2CPs to make a surrogate (but then, my satirical scenario was far from reality).
  17. Also, sometimes candidates might reject entering a debate (an example is Donald Trump refusing to show up in a debate back in 2016, and instead, deciding to hold a town hall). How about choosing which candidates will attend a certain debate in the primaries (this would open the door for Forums to be added) What is the effect of shifts?
  18. @Anthony_270, sometimes it would be nice to run live simulations. Like you get to see what the candidates do, etc. when you run simulations & you like to see full electoral results with a map. Also, can I see if my spin was successful (this was a feature in President Forever 2004) Also, is it difficult to make other electoral systems? 1) MMP 2) PR (like in the primaries, it is possible) 3) Two Round System 4) Also, some states had the state legislature decide elections if no candidate wins a majority in the popular vote. 5) Proportional Electoral votes 6) Faithless Electors (one can adjust the chance of it happening) 7) Parallel Voting South Korea's complicated system with part FPTP, part MMP, and part PR (243-40-17) 9) In primaries, there are delegates that don't vote according to how well a candidate did in the state, but whoever they want. 10) RCV for primaries (Democrats have used this in Iowa)
  19. Last week
  20. Adding travel lines to the Map again.
  21. Modifying how selecting the location for Activities works. Instead of having to click the Travel button, then click an activity, the activity just sets the location according to the map. But you can also click the Travel button and then click a location if you just want to travel.
  22. Here's how the Republican primaries look as well. With the Dem primaries, since everything is PR, there's no difference between the top chart half-circle and bottom, but you can see how some of Trump's support is solid (Winner-Take-All states where he's ahead by a large margin) and some is PR (lighter shade, as well as UT on this map) in the Republican primaries.
  23. You can see a few more changes to the Main Screen UI. The date and days left have been moved from the region info area (right) to the top-left. There is now a row for various buttons above the chart. Most obviously, you can see the Calendar all the time on the Main Screen, instead of having to click the Activities button (which no longer exists).
  24. Debating whether to leave the Calendar in for 1 day/turn mode.
  25. @Anthony_270@TheLiberalKitten@Berg2036@PoliticalPundit@populist86@Supreme Incompetent Leader@daons@WatchMojo@vjw@Sunnymentoaddict@js29095@Alxeu@billay@avatarmushi@MysteryKnight@MBDemSoc@lolandrewlmao@lizphairphreak@lizarraba@jay@buenoboss@LegolasRedbard@Demon Taka@darkmoon72@FloridaDemocrat@Gouch_Hard@RI Democrat@Sheacres@POLITICALBOMB@PoliticalStudent@Ishan@wolves@servo75 @JDrakeify@Rarename91@victorraiders@Centrist Emperor Kerzaris@LokiLoki22@MishFox@michaelsdiamonds@msc123123@NewAnarchist@Edouard@Quebecois@harveyrayson@harveyrayson2@Dallas@Kingthero@Lyly@AmericanChaos@FrancisXKennedy, @Falcon@Bjornhattan@Harris/Ernst 2020@jdm06ltd@mz452@TeamEhmling@CPE@Nentomat@NYConservative@European Qoheleth (SANC)@Mark_W@Jayavarman@RFK/JFKfan@RP Overlord@The DM@Entrecampos@Leuser@Shamilton@Agent B@Woot@CPE, and anyone else interested.
  26. Abortion FL Full reproductive rights for women! Only appoint pro-choice judges to Supreme Court and extend abortion rights! Business Policy CL: The business of America is business. But we need unions and laws to protect workers. China FR China is America's #1 enemy! Slap heavy tariffs on China now, and rein in their military! Corruption CR The Democrats are more corrupt than the Republicans COVID-19 R: COVID-19 is something that can be solved with common sense. End the lockdown immediately and encourage social distancing. Masks don't do much and might make things worse. Economic health = health. Open all schools now. Sweden approached it the right way. Cuba CL: It is an unfortunate reality that Communism is here to stay. The sanctions are hurting the people of Cuban, more than they hurt the government, so we should lift them. D.C. Statehood CR: D.C should be absorbed by Virginia or Maryland if they desire representation in Congress. We need a constitutional amendment on this matter. Defense Spending FR The armed forces must be capable of fighting a multiple-front war including engaging with China. Economy FL We are about to enter a massive recession! The 1% is destroying the foundations of our country and the 99% are hurting! Education L No school vouchers, large increase to federal funding. Modernize school system with more after-school programs. Reduce university tuition costs significantly. Electoral Reform C Gerrymandering reform, but no other dramatic changes to our electoral processes. Voter-verified paper audit trail. Energy R Skepticism about aspects of global warming is warranted. Focus on encouraging clean coal, oil, and natural gas. Continue to move away from dependence on foreign energy. Encourage more drilling, including off-shore. Let free-market research other energy. Environment R Economic policies and priorities take precedence over environmental concerns, and strong economies lead to more money to solve environmental problems. Free Trade FL Free trade just exploits the poor and is a form of neo-colonialism! Government Spending FL A deficit and debt is fine. Focus on social programs and how the government can better people's lives. Gun Control FR The Second Amendment is not negotiable! No restrictions on firearms! Healthcare L Our healthcare system is broken, with the focus on insurers and drug companies making profits instead of Americans being healthy. Move towards single-payer, public healthcare, like it is in much of the rest of the first world. Homeland Security CL: We must defend ourselves only if attacked. Increase some security, funding for natural disasters. Oppose Patriot Act. Government surveillance is needed. Require the government to obtain warrants in those cases. Immigration FR Trump doesn't go far enough! Wall, deportations, dramatically reduced and merit-based (including English requirement) legal immigration levels. Otherwise, our country risks spinning apart. Israel L: Encourage Israel to work towards a "grand bargain" with the Palestinians and hostile Arab states. A two-state solution is needed. Keystone Pipeline FR: Pipelines and fossil fuel energy creates jobs for America! LGBT Rights L Pass more anti-discrimination laws for LGBT citizens. Celebrate accomplishments of the transgender community! Protect Transgender soldiers! Military Intervention L Intervening in other countries is another way of saying 'empire building.' Minimum Wage FL A $15 minimum wage is not enough! We need a living wage of at least $20 an hour, adjusted for inflation each year! Native Americans Center: Native Americans didn't deserve to be treated like they were. That said, is this really the most important issue in the modern age? Native Hawaiians R: By dividing government power along racial and ancestral lines, the Akaka Bill would represent a significant step backwards in American history and would create far greater problems than those it might purport to solve. North Korea FL Intervening in North Korea will lead only to millions of needless deaths. Offshore Drilling R There's no better way to get gas cheaper than offshore drilling. Offshore drilling, if done right, will be an economic boon Partisanship CR Bi-partisanship is always welcome, but it becomes harder as the Left continues to radicalize. Puerto Rico FL: Puerto Rico should be free from the Yankee Imperialists! Vive Puerto Rico libre! Independence now! Our national identity is at state! Our language is at stake! Racial Injustice CR We must not demonize our brave police force or the Black community when talking about race in this country. We need to approach this issue with a mind of helping prevent racism on the personal level, without over-reaching government. Role of Government CL Government is not inherently a good or bad thing, but plays an important role in society. Russia FL: Is Russia a threat to world peace? No, America is if we continue to use Russia as justification to intervene in countries, we have no reason to be in. Let the UN deal with it, and leave the scene. Russian Interference FR The House investigations are a blatantly partisan continuation of the Special Counsel witch hunt by dirty cop Mueller. Russia's innocent - no way they interfered to help Trump! Putin is a model leader! Time to investigate collusion with Russia and Hillary Clinton-DNC. Social Security L No to any private investment, dramatically increase funding. Student Debt L Forgive student loans after 10 years of income-based repayment. Pass legislation to make college affordable. Supreme Court Nominations CR Replace existing justices with conservative-leaning swing judges. Tax Rates L Make the tax system more progressive by increasing the marginal rate on the wealthy. Reform corporate tax system. Trump Support FR Trump doesn't go far enough! Unions CL Labor Unions provide job security and allow workers to collectively better themselves and be paid a fair wage. Venezuela L Lift sanctions on Venezuela immediately as they are hurting the people of Venezuela not Maduro. Wall Street CL Reinstate Glass-Steagle. War on Drugs FL Legalize all drugs, except psychotics - end the expensive and unwinnable Drug War. War on Terrorism C We must focus on terrorist cells, not Syria. Civil liberties are important.
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