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  2. I'm hoping so. Game is working much quicker.
  3. Will we see an update this week?
  4. It's at that point that it becomes arguing in bad faith and trolling. Life's too short to put up with that sort of stuff.
  5. Seems like people who disagree with conservative beliefs don't even bother to research or watch videos on a different perspective and just instead use dismissive adjectives ad nauseam to seem higher and smarter than others.
  6. Jordan Peterson is a brilliant mind despite some of my disagreements with some of his "rules" that seem outdated. There are plenty of mainstream sources he is at where he has shown his debating and ability to reason with people on the total opposite end of him.
  7. A matter of complete and total subjective opinion - and one I - and a lot of others - don't agree with, but another matter of opinion - especially with strong partisan viewpoints and tensions - you state as absolute, irrefutable, objective fact that you feel "annoyed," or, "angered," when people call out as, "opinion," and, "partisan." This, too, is typical of the degenerating and crumbling in any integrity political atmosphere and zeitgeist, and is NOT a good thing at all. And this moreso cements my point, and doesn't at all refute it. And, not to fast on not responding to me. Yo
  8. Peterson is perhaps Canada's most prominent public intellectual. You say you're not sure what I mean, I provide a link which gives an extended definition and background for the term, you then . OK, buddy - I'm not responding any more to you. Adios.
  9. I don't tend to watch videos by YouTube hacks and third tier pundits of any sort at the best of times - I find them irritating - and I'm highly doubting such individuals would convince me such inappropriate zeitgeist neologisms that water down the credibility of the discourse, should "magically," gain validity and respectability - especially if it's Jordan Peterson, and especially if he's commenting on such a neologism with, "Marxist," in it. Also, a certain poster who he and I are supposed to be avoiding conflict has once again made a laugh emote on a post of yours that's obviously once
  10. Remind me when I'm working on the Endorsers part of the Editor.
  11. Admin did you add endorser surrogate images
  12. It actually doesn't take a lot to take over an existing party to a significant degree, if you have an enthusiastic grass roots for a 'virtual party'. Party memberships -> who is elected leader, volunteers -> nuts and bolts of how the party works.
  13. Did you watch the video with Peterson?
  14. Thus is really an interesting thing to research. I certainly know that liberals treat people different depending on their race, gender, sexual orientation, to a much bigger extant than conservatives do. Certainly, being an LGTB conservative there have been people who afe conservative that treat me different but on terms of being treated different, liberals are much more likely to. Ive lost 5 long term good friends because of political beliefs. I could never imagine stopping a friendship over politics but they did and they are all liberals. I think they could do a lot more research into it. I f
  15. The main reason why I reply in this thread is that I was suprised to see Tulsi Gabbard in the ,,Communist'' fraction And then I just don't wanted to start a new topic. But I now saw that there is an extra area just form maps, I will search there first.
  16. You are correct, in retrospect. I was basing on an assumption that you were building on the idea of the thread-starter, which was more in line with what I was criticizing. It's an easy mistake to make, but still a mistake, and I apologize.
  17. 1. I never talked about a timeline of my fictional scenario. That's just your own speculation, not based on actual facts or the truth. 2.I never talked about anexation. Sadly, you are not discussing based on my statements, but on your fantasy and now saveral times about things I never remotely said. You just seem to be offended, because I named - by a total coincidence - your province for my TOTAL FICTIONAL AND NOT AT ALL REALISTIC SCENARIO (like I said 10 times by now). Maybe you have already to much national/regional pride...
  18. Actually, not exactly the same. First, these national changes occur in a timeline 20 years from now - not in the immediate future. Also, the Western North American Federation is NOT the U.S. annexing Western Canada - both Western Canada and the Northwestern U.S. have EACH left, shortly prior, their parent nation centred in the wealthy, heavily-populated, highly-urbanized East, and formed a new nation together, with a mixture of Prairie/Heartland/Alaska Conservativism evolved in a new form from either's parent nation's brand with West Coast Progressivism/ Social Democracy and a Neo-Pioneer Libe
  19. 2048 Hypothetical Future Scenarios Revisited - Page 4 - Campaign Creation - 270soft Forum (ipbhost.com) So, according to this thread you made (or planed to make) a extremely similiar fictional scenario than what I'm planing. Quote: Western North American Federation (includes Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, the Dakotas, Colorado, Wyoming, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Alaska) In the same scenario, you put New Zealand and Australia together, according to you own logic that's ,,gross, superfi
  20. Game or not, it seems more unlikely of an event than you seem to be insisting - and I live in Alberta, and that seems to be as nothing to you in standing in this discussion. Plus, the Canadian Conservative Party is more different, by a significant margin, than you might be led to believe. There are further-right-wing parties in Canada that are very close to the U.S. Republican Party - but they tend to be about as successful, electorally, as the Constitution Party is in the U.S. It may be a game, but it's the sort of game where at least of a veneer of real research and realism is highly respec
  21. Of course conservatism has a different meaning in different countries. It's the same for liberalism. The Liberal Party of Australia has more in common with the Conservative Party of Canada then with Trudeaus Liberals. But, of course I was talking about the US meaning of conservatism as the point of comparison. It's absolutely not far fetched to say that the Conservative Party of Canada has more in common with the Republican Party (but more with the Establishment fraction, not the populist) then with any form of Muslim Brotherhood. But the problem is, you are reading more in my
  22. "Recent studies find conservatives treat others more equally than liberals" https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-antisocial-psychologist/202102/are-liberals-really-more-egalitarian Recent experiments reveal that in some cases it is liberals who tend to treat information and people more unequally on the basis of sex, race, and group status. In a set of studies, liberals wished to censor written passages that portrayed low-status groups unfavorably more than identical passages that portrayed high-status groups unfavorably, whereas conservatives treated the passages more c
  23. Identity politics and a mixed economy are part of a, "Marxist culture?" This sounds like one of those ridiculous, disingenuous, derisive, nonsensical socio-political neologisms kicking around of late rather than a, "genuine," term. I'd rather avoid discussion descending into such superficial, zeitgeist-driven, unproductive, "quasi-terms," of dubious use or value at best.
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