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  2. It's a genuine question. Let's say you are able to flip 500 Presidential votes in PA - a truly impressive number. Your influence on the Presidential election outcome is still 0, as Biden won by 80K, not 1K. It's an inherent tension between human collective decision making and contemporary political structures. We are hard-wired to advocate for certain outcomes which we believe in because traditionally it very well could matter, but modern political systems are not what we are designed for. We're designed for small tribes, perhaps 100-200 people. In that case, your persuasive efforts
  3. The new Editor is continuing to be expanded. Pretty much everything in the Classic one should end up in the new one.
  4. I see the logic in your statement, but I'm not going to feel good if I vote 3rd party and my preferred major party candidate loses the state by 10,000 votes. My vote isn't just my vote. I tend to talk about who I am supporting. Who knows if I influence 5 votes or 100+ votes. For instance, I went around the neighborhood and anyone walking across the other side of the street, I tried to make sure they were going to vote. Maybe one of those people did vote that wouldn't have otherwise. Because of Covid, I couldn't do my original plan, which was to find people that had never voted before, were leg
  5. Finally, a solution to the Russian map problem. Thank you for making this.
  6. There are two rounds/two dates for the general election...
  7. Hey! So sorry, just now seeing this. Yes, I'm currently making updates to the scenario so stay tuned!
  8. Hey everyone. So I've gotten this error message in the past and I still do sometimes, but when trying to click the "Polls" tab when editing a campaign, I keep getting this error message: "Access violation at address 0040CFD7 in module 'PI.exe'. Read of address 000000018." Any help? Sincerely, dylansh99
  9. Why not? Your individual vote has an approx. 0% chance of making a difference in the outcome of the Presidential election, whether it's Electoral College or otherwise.
  10. I won't consider voting for a 3rd party unless they are polling 270 EVs. I'll vote for them in a poll, if there seems to be a chance of that. So long as the Electoral College exists, a vote for a 3rd party is a waste of a vote. 3rd Parties will have much more room to maneuver without it, even though it will still be an uphill battle. If we get ranked voting or multiround voting, I'll pick 3rd parties as a back up option, unless there's no way a party will win on the first ballot, then I'll make them my first choice. The Green Party is probably my preferred 3rd party with any chance of coming i
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  12. I think that it is within their right to filibuster any piece of legislation as they see fit being senators and want to change a specific part or the whole bill, as the whole premise of the Senate is to debate and come to an agreement with the other side. Keeping the filibuster as is is keeping the senate as was intended.
  13. I sadly don't have time to read all this at once, but I'll respond to each part from time to time. I want to respond to this right now though. The filibuster can be abused. What if one party, one faction of a party, or one politician continually issues a filibuster? I'm sure GOP voters would want to do away with the filibuster if the Senate was 56 Republican to 44 Democrat and the Democrats filibusters every piece of legislation that was even remotely partisan. Note: I wouldn't want Democrats to do this.
  14. So to return to topic. @Anthony_270 I was messing with the campaign editor (of the 2.8.2. version), and with @victorraiders's Russian scenario, when I noticed this... (Could this be reimplemented for people who want to make elections scenarios with two-round systems?)
  15. As a "Right Wing"/Right-Leaning Independent, I'd feel most comfortable going with 2020-style Tulsi Gabbard. She made the most concerted effort to reach across the aisle to Trump supporters-and unlike Yang, Ryan, Bullock, Bennet, Hickenlooper (must I go on) she didn't stop after the primaries ended or after she tried once. Yang's "reach out" felt like "hey, i know you voted for a racist Hitler-man but I think you'd agree with something i have to say so please pretty please oh pretty please vote for me". Ryan and the others did a similar shtick. Act like you're going for Middle America when in r
  16. I'd first go Trump. His 2016 run saw him expose most of the rest of the field as fake politicos, and his ascension brought out those who were fake "Republicans" like Kasich-who jumped ship on day one of the Presidency. Others, like Ted Cruz and his ilk, were great Party Allies and served as reliable allies through most of the Presidency-although that doesn't mean I'd give them a vote. Others still, like Haley and Christie, were massive Red Flags after Jan. 6-Haley condemned the supporters who were there even peacefully and literally stated "we were wrong on Trump"...but then praised his CPAC a
  17. For me it depends. If Trump comes back as a GOP I don't think I could vote for him if the NeoCon GOP reunifies around him like most did in 2016-it's association problems at that point. But if it's a repeat of 2020, where it felt like every mainstream Anti-Trump GOPer was a Romney/McCain/Bush Republican, I'd have no problem voting Trump (I'm a political Independent and so I'd like to see the Chaos Candidate again in either Trump or another candidate) since then the pople who I see as the problem would be claiming "he's the problem here".
  18. Wait I didn't see the last option now I'm sad I've been saying it for months!
  19. Ron Desantis from everything I've seen and read and when I met him seems to be Republicans best shot in 2024. He is Trump without such harsh rhetoric and hes much better and politicking than Trump was so maybe that will lead to more competency from him?
  20. 1. The majority should have its way when it is consensus, so the founders had set up the Senate so all states had equal representation in one house and unequal representation in the House of Representatives because the nations ideals are close to being fairly represented. Thus, the filibuster is incredibly important, because anything the majority wants to pass in the house can move out of the house with a vote, it has to go to the senate where 60% of the senators must agree currently unless more states are added. In actuality the United States should not even have Political Parties as that was
  21. This is my philosophy too, which is why I'm often okay with deviating from stereotypical progressive politics. I'm not trying to follow a template or cram in a philosophy, I'm trying to resolve an issue. It's just that most of what I think will work, generally falls in the progressive category, and most of the politicians that I think at least overtly give a shit about these issues happen to be Democrats. So I'm in that sphere by default but not by any inspiration or loyalty for Democrats. I'll accept private sphere or privatization if it resolves the issue without causing more problems.
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