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United States - 2012, President McCain

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I've created my second out of three scenario's for the 2012 Presidential Election. The game features the reelection of "President McCain." There is a field of strong Democratic opponents. And similar to 1976, President McCain must face a tough primary challenge from the more conservative Newt Gingrich.



Sen. Barack Obama, IL

Sen. Mark Warner, VA

Gov. Eliot Spitzer, NY

Gov. Ted Strickland, OH

Sen. Evan Bayh, IN

Gov. Bill Richardson, NM

Sen. John Edwards, NC

Sen. Russ Feingold, WI

Rep. Artur Davis, AL

Rep. Dennis Kucinich, OH

Sen. Hillary Clinton, NY

Vice President Al Gore, TN


President John McCain, AZ

Rep. Newt Gingrich, GA


Rep. Ron Paul, TX


Michael Peroutka, MD

Just give me your email and i'll send it ASAP. If you would like the scenario of the reelection of "President Obama" just go to this link - http://80soft.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=9881. President Clinton is coming out next.

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Florida and Michigan have been stripped of all their delegates by the DNC, and have had their delegates cut in half by the RNC, because they moved up their primary. If you look at the leadership in the two states, they are now trying to make amends so their delegates can be seated. I hardly think that they would make the same mistake in 2010. So you should move their primaries up to Super Tuesday and give them all of their delegates back.

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I spacebarred (as the Constitution Party) and I find it a tad unbalanced. Firstly, Obama seems a bit underpowered; he dropped like a stone from a good lead (roughly 2500 delegates) to pulling out after Super Tuesday projected to get 80. Warner seemed to rise, but Kucinich won the nomination after Clinton pulled out without endorsment with support going to him. McCain won without worries in both the Primary Election and the General. The general election was no contention: the results were:

McCain (Republican): 524 EVs, 51.4%, 64,528,224 votes

Kucinich (Democratic): 14 EVs, 37.9%, 47,549,044 votes

Paul (Libertarian): 0 EVs, 7.8%, 9,762,385 votes

Peroutka (Constitution): 0 EVs, 3%, 3,741,973 votes

McCain won everything apart from Oregon, Rhode Island and D.C.

However, Miissouri was within 5000 votes (0.1%)

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