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Does my version have a bug?


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I have version of the P4E+P 2008 game. I have crafted a scenario that works fine in the general election only option, but any time I use the primaries option I get this while the game is loading:

Access violation at address 004E4694 in module 'p4e.exe'. Read of address 00000014.

Has anyone else gotten this error? Is it a program error or something with my scenario? Nothing comes up in Campaigns Forever to indicate a scenario error, though.


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Haven't heard back from TheorySpark, BUT

The error I discovered involving the primaries got worked out (I had accidently left some old dates listed).

But I'm still stumped on how come Election Night for this particular scenario keeps getting screwed up (some kind of floating operation error).

If the folks in charge see this, please answer my email.


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Grr - it seems every time I tweak one of these 2 scenarios, some new error comes up upon loading that didn't reveal itself in Campaigns Forever that screws up my gameplay. (This time, the primaries don't work in the 2001 scenario but did work in 2000.)

I'd appreciate it if someone from Theory Spark can look at those two UF scenarios that I emailed to you and get back to me on what I did wrong, or what else could be causing these unexplained bugs.

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