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Bloomberg '08

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At this point I think the 2008 scenario needs to have Mike Bloomberg added as an Independent and given 1 Billion Dollars in funds... As funny as that may sound, it's what CNN is reporting he's willing to put into a Presidential run...

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Wrong forum, this properly belongs in the Game Feedback forum.

Bloomberg depends heavily on the nominees of the parties. If it's Obama with his attraction of Independents and Republicans, than Bloomberg has fairly little chance. Likewise if McCain is the guy for the Republicans because he too does well among Independents.

However if it's Clinton & Romney/Giuliani/Huckabee than Bloomberg is more likely to run.

That said, he seems fairly close to making a run (or, at least, fairly close to deciding whether or not to run… who knows when he'll announce if he does decide to enter) and as such I agree with you—he should be entered as an Independent candidacy.

(One should also note that the Unity '08 founders have left that to start up a Draft Bloomberg campaign.)

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