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I am having a problem with making a scenario for Chancellor Forever, however I know that these are the wrong forums for them, but the forums for C4E/PM4E are not active and I have tried them already but didn't have any luck with them. So I am wonering if anyone here would be kind enough to please help me witht he two problems I am having making a scenario for C4E.

The two problems I am having are the following, firstly, in the cannidate editor, the 3 of the "home regions" have the wrong name, they have the name of the main capital city, or the first city in the city list. However when I look at the "region_variables" I cannot see anything different between the 3 regions that have the wrong name and the other regions tht have the correct name. Can anyone help me?

The other problem I am having is that whenever I try to run the scenario I keep getting the error "Independent" is not a valid integer value. What does this mean and how can I fix it?


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Text file problems.

Sorry that doesn't help but that's all I can say..

The party names coming instead of region names must be due to something in the file saying where party names start/end, where regions start/end. An extra space, a wrong character... Same thing for the Independent party, might be a place in some file where there's a missing entry.

If you can't find it yourself I can have a look at it. Post the text from scenario.p4e to start with, I think that's where the first problem originates. The second problem could be in many different files.

Or zip the scenario folder and upload it to a place like sendspace.com and post the link here.

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