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Perhaps it is realistic to have scandals (I would still say there are way too many though) in this game, but we REALLY need an option to turn them off.

For game purposes, I like to play a game and have the result determined by my skill versus the AI.

The scandal system has nothing to do with skill. It is blind luck.

Being up with 350 electoral votes and having it all come crashing down because of a scandal I can't control is EXTREMELY annoying.

My likelihood of winning is now COMPLETELY determined by how many scandals there are, and not by my skill at the game.

Please either let us turn them off or give us some sort of system to prevent them from coming out that actually depends on skill.

A presidential election should not be a roll of the dice. Perhaps it is like that in real life, but for a game it is very annoying.

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I am aware of that, but neither of those things take any skill into account.

Recall as well that spinning your own scandal is usually counter-spinned by the other party.

I still don't understand why we can't allow them to be turned off or at least customize the frequency.

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