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OK, first the praise:

-Great idea with the events over the holidays. Adds realism to the game.

-The engine is far better, and the graphics improved.

-The game, overall, is excellent.

Now, some ideas:

-Brian Murloney should have a 2 in his integrity rating. If you ask a guy on the street, even after sponsorship, he's still the benchmark.

-I'd reccomend making Toronto one reigon, and then dividing Northern and Eastern Ontario, if possible.

-If possible, "Quebec Lieutenants" should be an option...Lapierre or Dion for the Liberals, etc.

-In the 1993 Scenario, the Tories should be much higher at the start, and voters should be vastly undecided...like about 60 or so seats. Also, the issues tend to be really off...the GST one especially. It should be something like...


Put GST on luxury items only.

Get rid of GST entirely.

Get rid of GST, replace with a more progresive tax.

While painful, the GST is needed to streamline our economy.

Replace income tax with bigger GST.

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