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Jean Seb

Screwed up election

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Results by region

Newfoundland 3 Libs 2 CPC 2 NDP

Nova Scotia 10 NDP 1 Liberal

PEI 4 Liberal

New Brunswick 5 Liberal 3 NDP 2 CPC

Northern Québec 27 Bloc

Southern Québec 26 Bloc

Montréal 14 Bloc 8 Liberals

Northern Ontario 25 CPC 6 NDP 4 Liberal

Southern Ontario 19 CPC 10 NDP 7 Liberal

Toronto E 11 Liberal 4 NDP 3 CPC

Toronto W 8 Liberal 5 NDP 4 CPC

Manitoba 7 NDP 5 CPC 2 Liberal

Saskatchewan 7 CPC 6 NDP 1 Liberal

Alberta 27 CPC 1 Liberal

BC 10 CPC 9 NDP 2 Liberal

Vancouver 9 NDP 5 Liberal

Territories 2 NDP 1 Liberal


104 CPC

73 NDP

67 Bloc

63 Liberal

1 Green , didnt bothered to check where he is

I got the title of Stephen Harper the average :lol:


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Talk about an unworkable Parliament. Still, you did win and that seems to be quite an accomplishment when using Harper.

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Your Green was in BC. The NDP and Liberals could stop the Tories unless they allied with the Bloc. This Parliament would fall apart real fast, I would think.

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