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General Election

Who gets your vote  

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  1. 1. Who gets your vote

    • SSVegeta123243/Swing Voter (D)
    • Hardrightconservative/Mantis(R)

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:blink: This thing is tied????! :blink:

My goodness! I thought this would be a Lyndon Johnson/1964-like landslide!! Wow! There must be a few people that either haven't come online yet or for some reason have not voted in this one. If Simon Valle, the pro-independence Quebec Socialist can beat HRC, then Veg and Swing surely can!! I think..

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Lordy, this is close....how long is the poll going to stay open...and what'll happen in case of a tie, will the House of Reps decide :P

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Hey this is not Fair!! I didnt even know this was going on!

I didnt get a chance to run in the primaries.......

Oh well Ill try my hand at the "Site Senate"


SSVegeta123243/Swing Voter all the way!!

I dont know how much this will help but youve got my endorsement!

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