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1996 Presidential Election Scenario Done!

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Who would like a copy of my 1996 Scenario (with George Bush & George W. Bush)? I have submitted it 80soft, but I can update if many people feel it is neccessary!



George Bush

George W. Bush

Bob Dole

Collin Powell

Dan Quayle

Jack Kemp


Bill Clinton

Al Gore


Henry Ross Perot


Please leave your e-mail address, so I can send you the scenario! Also, if you want me to send you a scenario on my "list" when I finish it, please PM me or say "both"!


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This scenario has been posted as "Bill vs. George and George" on the 80soft website. A review for this scenario is under the "Scenario Reviews" section (PF)! If you would like to post any suggestions you have for improvements or anything related to this scenario, go right ahead! I would perfer you post them on the Scenario Reviews section!



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