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Favorite Presidents

Who is you favorite President?  

70 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is you favorite President?

    • Abraham Lincoln
    • Bill Clinton
    • George W. Bush
    • Richard Nixon
    • George Washington
    • Ronald Reagan
    • John F. Kennedy
    • Harry Truman
    • Franklin Roosevelt
    • Other

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A constitutional ban will stop it once and for all!  :)

It's a damn shame we couldn't do it for interracial marriage in the 50s huh? Those things just fucked up society!

You know, I wrote that as a joke, but I'm so in shock by the content of this thread that I fear someone would take it seriously. So yeah, JOKE.

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I think Lincoln is clearly the best President we've had. Clinton is probably my favorite though.

And wow ... there were some real scumbags posting on here back in the day. I guess being a bigot is a-okay as long as you aim your prejudice at gay people. And these folks think they're the moral ones. What a joke ...

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Good lord there are a bunch of terrible people that are into this game.

I'm torn between Lincoln and Polk in the poll.

And as for the Reagan/Bush/Clinton arguments earlier, many studies have shown that Presidents have relatively little effect on the economy.

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This thread was posted back in the days when (I think) the forum was a wider political community - i.e. there were other boards where current real-life politics were discussed. It was also posted in 2004, which a very good year for the Religious Right (re-election of Bush and many states passed constitutional bans on same-sex marriage). It was a different internet world in other ways of course too - no YouTube, no Twitter, Facebook was in it's infancy etc.

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