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Changing voter turnout

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Instead of having stable voter turnout I think that voter turnout should change so that when a party addresses a major issue they can get more people to get out and vote on that issue.

For example, if a party addresses Health Care and no other party does then that party should get alot of the health care workers to get out and vote (either for their possition or another parties one)

If a group that would usually vote doesn;t have their issue addressed then it would be likely that they would simply stay home.

Voting percentages do change, getting out the vote does it and so do the issues that concern voters.

Voting percentages should change based on issues, party momentum, polls (like if it is a close race or a sure win for any one party), and of course foot soldiers.

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Hi Trevor,

Thanks for the suggestions - they are all good ones, and we'll look at how to increase the realism in voter turnout.

Just a note: foot soldiers currently affect the voter turnout in the game.

Anthony Burgoyne


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