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Presidential Infinity: n00b help

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Need some help. Tried reading the guide and FAQ but still running into issues trying to win an election. tough stuff lol.


1. My momentum in a state like Iowa was at 13+, w 5 foot soldiers, 3 star organizational strength, targeted etc.. and yet when I campaign the entire week 3x times w rallies I still only move up .8% points... what other ways are there to get more voter support? I read ads are only useful when you have negative momentum. 


2. I'm confused on endorsements. It seems like the only way to move the needle when you're at 95 is to use a PIP, but my candidate has low PIP's. How many CP's do you need to get it to 100? When I tried using the 6-7 (?) max CP it doesn't seem to affect much. 

3. How else to get PIP's and CP's? Some candidates only have 1 or 2 Pip's the entire game and I'd like to get more. I noticed if I win debates by a lot (or win an early state), for a week or so my CP's will increase by 7 but other than that don't see how else to get it higher.

4. What are the factors that cause negative ads and speeches to backfire? How do you mitigate those issues? With issue knowledge? 


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